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The Old One Two

Yesterday's 2-1 defeat at the hands of Lincoln (1-2 for the purists) reminded me of a season I think in the mid 1960s (I can't rustle up the enthusiasm if that is the right word to trawl through Home and Away) when, if we lost, it always seemed to be by that 2-1 margin, especially away games- or at least that's how I recall it.

Obviously, it wasn't really the case but it just seemed that way.
This season and by my reckoning, we have lost 7 away games by the dreaded 2-1 score and one at home to Cheltenham in addition to the Lincoln defeat. 

If (yes I know) those nine 2-1s had ended as 2-2 draws we would have 58 points and be sitting 'comfortably' in 12th place (or 11th if we take 2 points away from Bolton's 2-1 'win' and make it a 2-2 draw) which in recent weeks seems, sadly, to have been the height of this season's ambition.

One would need a computer but I'm willing to bet that there are few teams which have lost as many games by two goals to one as Charlton Athletic in the period 1965 to the present.

If there is someone out there with the wherewithal to find out I would be interested to know in a morbid, resigned and typically Charlton supporting kind of way!


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    When seeing the thread title i actually thought it was about our lack of one twos between the players.  Its one of the most easiest ways to create space and get pass defenders. We rarely do it this season, though i haven't seen every game. We don't seem to have players who are on the same wave length (bit like me and the original poster) 
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