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Went to a Premier League game recently



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    This is a bit like comparing Ryanair and Qatar airways init?
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    Boom said:
    Off_it said:
    I went to Spurs vs RB Leipzig just before 1st lockdown in Feb 2020 - client took me - incredible ground - had evening meal in one of the restaurants, which was first class food - Spurs were dreadful

    As an experience, enjoyable

    But for me, entering a football ground and getting a lift or an escalator up to my seat inside the stand, and the interior of the stand being like a posh hotel, wasn’t my scene - I couldn’t do it every week

    Alternatively, I’m way behind the times and out of touch (on reflection, it’s probably this !!)
    Exactly that. I got tickets to Arsenal once (v Lincoln in the cup) and because the away end was sold out all we could get were seats in the middle tier bit (£120 each!).

    Escalator up to the concourse, plenty of room in the bars/restaurants - a bit of a Frankie and Bennies vibe going on - spotless khazis with match commentary piped in so you didn't miss anything, "free" beers at half time, cushioned seats with loads of legroom and absolutely no atmosphere from the complete helmets all around us that clearly sit there every week.

    Alright as a one off experience, but it's not really football for me. 
    Big fan of the beer table free for all though!
    Rude not to! :-)
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    shine166 said:
    I've tried every combo possible over the season of our food, this week I went to McDonald's instead.
    Do what most away fans do and stop off in Greenwich. I had this today in the Admiral Hardy.
    The egg though, resembles something rather ghastly or it might be cheese on a second glance 
    I can confirm it was cheese.
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