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Season ticket pricing

For several years now Charlton have operated a zonal system for season ticket prices.
Four years ago and every year since I have been contacting the club regarding blocks C and F in the lower West stand.
In the East Stand blocks E and D which straddle the half way line are in zone 1.
The adjacent blocks F and C are in zone 2.
The West Upper blocks M and N which straddle the half way line are in zone one.
The adjacent blocks L and P are in zone 2.
The West Lower blocks D and E which again straddles the half way line are zone 1.
The adjacent blocks C and F are also in zone 1.
I was first informed that the reason for this is because of the extra amenities I.e the proximity to the lounges with no account taken that entry into the lounges required a premium to be paid, approx £400 a season.
The latest is because of the proximity to the dugouts and the fact that it seems that those in blocks C and F can see the Directors Box.
That would be fine if you liked looking at the dugout shelter and as for the Directors Box there minimal or no view at all.
Quite why anyone would want to sit there looking at what the brains at Charlton consider to be an advantage is beyond me when surely if anyone is excited at looking at the dugouts or the Directors Box then surely the best view is from the East Stand and the best views of the match has got to be the West Upper.
This is a total injustice and the club says that no one else has complained about this abnormality.
As it has been bought to the attention of the club then the issue should be addressed by reducing the season ticket price accordingly in the West Lower blocks C and F which amounts to a price drop in the region of £120 to £150.


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    I sit in Lower West block F, and pay the higher price.  I like sitting behind the dug out. We have banter with the oppo.  It's worth the extra money, honestly!
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    I guess those blocks are considered premium seats, more so than the the blocks immediately above them in the upper west.
    You can argue the point, but ultimately you are not forced to buy a seat there.

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