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Should Have Gone to SpecSavers

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The GLW hasn’t been feeling that good of late. A couple of months ago she developed shingles in the ear and throat which led to Ramsey Hunt Syndrome / Bells Palsy. The left side of her face is still partially paralysed and we have to tape her eye shut at night. However, this story isn’t about the Bells Palsy, it’s about the sore throat that came with the shingles.

When we presented at A&E, the doctors knew exactly what the problem was and prescribed anti-virals and steroids. They also prescribed an oral gel to help with the sore throat. To cut a long story short, the oral gel was a big help but after a week it had started to run dry so I was packed off to the chemist to see if I could get some more.

I took the box with me and asked the chemist if I could buy another tube over the counter. I couldn’t get the size that I wanted as it had to be prescribed. But they had exactly the same in a smaller quantity, same brand, same ingredients etc. Great, I bought one. Wasn’t cheap at £7.99 but at least the GLW could continue with the treatment without having to go back to the doctor.

When I got home, I said that I’d managed to get some more gel. The GLW told me to put it in the cupboard with the other medicines and she’d pick it up when she next needed it.

Earlier this week the GLW developed another painful, sore throat. I reminded her that there was another tube of gel in the cupboard and if things got bad, she should use it.

Last night, I was dozing in the chair and was awoken by the the GLW accusing me of trying to poison her with the gel that I’d bought for her. She said it was salty, gritty and tasted nothing like the gel that the hospital had prescribed. I protested my innocence and said that I’d checked everything and was sure it was exactly the same. She spent several minutes brushing her teeth and using mouthwash to get the taste out of her mouth. She wasn’t a happy bunny when she went to bed.

This morning, I got up to make the tea. I have a routine where I clear up after the cats, fed them and take my daily meds for gout and atrial fibrillation. When I open the medicine cupboard, the first thing the stares me in the face is the oral gel. I pick it up, read the literature on the box and take it to show the GLW!

Me: “This is the same gel as the one prescribed by the hospital. I knew I wasn’t losing my marbles”
GLW: ”That’s not what I’ve been using”
Me: “So what exactly have you been using”
GLW: “I’ve been using this” - Pointing at a similar size box, with the same colouring as the original box prescribed by the hospital. 

At this point it’s probably worth saying that the brand is Daktarin and what she’d been using was was my athlete’s foot treatment

I’m a bad man because I haven’t stopped laughing all morning. But as the saying goes …

You should have gone to SpecSavers 



  • Didn't know whether to lol or like. The latter because I recently had a message via the NHS app saying I now qualified for a shingles vaccination. I kind of feel like a pin cushion at the moment having had enough needles stuck in me this last year. But your post has persuaded me to ring the surgery next week and book an appointment.
  • I popped into Specsavers last week.

    You will never guess who I bumped into?

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