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cant you make the site layout a bit more 'charlton' ?

a bit more use of red, nick the logo (after all, there's a director among the membership so that's an official thumbs up to the site), lose the away colour black and puke as well perhaps ?...the site is log overdue and a hundred individuals signing up so quickly is testament to the great job you've done already but it doesn't quite look like a 'charlton' site at the moment imho...


  • welcome, i fear this is the first of many suggestions from your goodself ! :-)

    If you go into your Account, on the left you have the option 'change stylesheet', there are other options there, and help in creating your own.

    The general idea however was to have the design a bit more classic and descreet, particularly with work in mind, but the options are there to build whatever colours you prefer.
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    discrete ? mean there are people on here that dont have their own office ?
  • Welcome ltgr, good to have you (and your opinions) on board. Yes, the theme here is not quite finished. There will be a badge of sorts to the left of the title. We're using black because it's different and we're aiming to keep it relatively slick looking. There are other red sites out there, with badges all over, just for your pleasure. But there wont be images all over, as that slows things down considerably.

    But if you can't wait, the entire site is themeable and you can even make your own stylesheet if you know CSS. Otherwise, there are other (mostly done) themes for you to choose from, one which is suitably discreet for those at work and one which is more red: go to Account, Change Stylesheet and choose one from there. When things cool down a bit I'll have time to add more of the finishing touches to all the themes, and develop them more. They will all be very Charlton. In fact, there will be themes based on popular players and club icons (Bent; Hasselbaink; Herman; Richard Murray; Curbs; Dowie)(one will be especially for me and Len Glover and will have Kish all over). Any CSS gurus out there are welcome to develope style sheets too. The more the merrier.

    So, in time it will all come together.
  • not sure if i do know css...who does he work for ?
  • LOL! There's the humour we're paying you for ;-)
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    [cite]Posted By: LoOkOuT[/cite]Welcome ltgr, good to have you (and your opinions) on board.

    Hmmmm, come back in a couple of weeks and tell me you still stand by that statement ;-)
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