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JOHNNIE JACKSON - new 2 year contract at AFC Wimbledon (p44)

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Cawley & club announces


  • Shocked, I know a lot thought he should go but how many thought he would?
  • Damn I thought I was first ;-) 

    Very surprised at that. Can't just be on the back of a poor defeat Saturday. Surely TS had this in the pipeline for a while.

    Thanks for everything Jacko. The club will feel very different without you around. 
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    All the best JJ,  We will always have Sunderland away.
  • cfgs said:
    Shocked, I know a lot thought he should go but how many thought he would?
    Surprised but not shocked.
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    Actually quite surprised but not a shocker.

    I said I wasn't overly sold on him, and that the main issue was the recruitment and probably deserved the chance over the summer, but better it's happened now, let's be honest, we haven't looked good at all, some good results but still poor all over.

    Been a great servant to the club, legend can get used far too quickly but Jacko most definitely earns that.

    Also is that now 2 out of 4 from that rumour post? Euell next?

  • Expected him to stay until I heard recently that this decision had been made.

    Really hope a replacement isn’t too far away otherwise it’ll negatively impact us bringing in signings and renewing contracts.

    This also means the poster on ITTV was right. Said De Souza was coming in as a coach and Jackson (and Euell…) was leaving. Will they be right about TS looking to sell the club?
  • Wow, I guess it's bittersweet.

    All the best Johnnie. 
  • The quality of our football in recent weeks must have been a factor. TS would have seen how slick Ipswich were on Saturday

    The lack of contract renewals in recent weeks had made people smell a rat...
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  • That was quick
  • The right decision.

    We all want Sandgaard to back the manager, and he’s only gonna back the manager to the fullest if he 100% trusts and wants him. He clearly didn’t trust or want Jacko, even after the 5 game win streak or whatever it was he was still interviewing other candidates.

    Furthermore, Jackson was stubborn tactically, and nothing really changed from when he took over in November to the final few games of the season.
  • Wish I would have stayed to clap him on Saturday. Always be a Charlton legend to me.
  • I suppose that probably explains why we haven't been renewing contracts yet?
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    Not surprised... The person who told me a few weeks ago was out by two days
  • Wonder if he knew this Sunday night????
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