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MBT shoes

I seem to recall a few years ago these special training shoes were being advertised which I think were meant to ease the pain of backache sufferers. I’ve just walked past a shop in baker st that had these shoe in their shop window and wondered whether they were any good. Did anybody from this site buy these MBT shoes and whether they worked? 


  • Was recommended them by an orthopaedic surgeon after a bad ankle injury and have used them a lot since. They basically have a rocker sole which can now be found on other shoes like sketchers. They are quite expensive and difficult to get hold of styles that don’t look terrible, but if you can find some you like might be worth a punt and see how you get on. 

    I used to claim the vat back when a bought them from medical type suppliers by signing something to say they were for a medical condition, but now get them from Amazon or eBay when they are available.
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