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Following on from the chatting up thread...

any of you got any stories to share of blind dates or speed-dating?

Go on, I dare you....


  • I blinked and she missed it.
  • I once did a runner while she was in a the ladies... she was scary, the one and only time I've ever done that though, and I'm not proud.
  • It is for both threads I reckon, I have been chatted up four times in my life and number two is my wife.
  • I haven’t been speed dating but I know someone who has and all I’ll say is don’t do it unless you’re completely desperate because you don’t know what you’re going to wake up alongside the next morning.

    Mrs McMoist’s Ex-partner went speed dating at The Crown in Chislehurst. He maintained he was going to support his cousin but I have my reservations. Anyway, the next day he was telling me about his conquest and I asked him what she was like and all he would say is that she had an unfortunate set of teeth. Eventually got to meet her and to describe her as having an unfortunate set of teeth was a complete understatement. Put the choppers alongside the peroxide blonde candy floss hair and the chain smoking and you have the ideal profile of a fire breathing dragon. The only thing the poor girl had going for her was that she wasn’t cross-eyed and didn’t have any face warts.
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