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Alan White (Yes drummer) RIP

The legendary drummer with Yes, who also played on John Lennon's Imagine and George Harrison's All Things Must Pass has passed away at age 72. A fantastic career and a real gentleman - RIP.


  • A fantastic drummer.
  • Saw him at QPR once. RIP
  • Seen Yes many times. RIP
  • Oh Shit, Yes was one of my favourite bands back in the day. Close to the Edge one of my favourite albums, And You and I my favourite track on there.
    RIP Alan and thanks for the music.

  • A brilliant drummer, who really added to the bands dynamics, he had a fantastic musical connection with Chris Squire. I loved his drumming on 'On the Silent Wings of Freedom, RIP Chris.
  • a very talented musician, just a few months older than me, but drummers have a VERY hard, strenuous  life .. R I P
  • Now set off on his journey as a “Starship Trooper.”
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  • Loved Yes. RIP Alan. 
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