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RIP Dame Deborah James

Not usually one for these types of threads but this woman was an absolute inspiration.

Absolutely beautiful and taken far too soon.


  • Yes, really sad to hear albeit inevitable. Her legacy will be the lives she will have saved through her awareness campaigns. RIP Deborah.
  • RIP to a beautiful,brave lady,taken far too soon. So sad.
  • Bless her heart.

    Sleep tight, Deborah. 
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    Such a strong, inspirational woman who has been taken way too early.  Best wishes and positive thoughts to her family and close friends. 
  • Have been following her on Instagram for quite a while now, such an inspiration and lovely person who has done so much to raise awareness of bowel cancer. Her legacy will live long.
  • So young, so sad.

  • A brave inspirational lady. RIP.
  • Sad, sad news, RIP
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    RIP. As others have said, a really inspirational woman.
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  • What an inspiration this lovely lady was.
  • People like her are truly beyond the normal, they take news that knock many for six and not only say you aren't beating me but also lead the fight for others.
  • very sad news, being mainly WFH had seen alot of her on the TV over the past 2 years, hugely inspirational lady right to the very end, bless her poor kids.

    sleep tight
  • What an inspiration and saver of other lives through her relentless work

    RIP Dame Deborah
  • RIP.  God bless you and those you leave behind...
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    I lost my grandma to bowel cancer so I have seen what an absolute nightmare it can be to deal with on a daily basis.

    For Deborah James to have managed to do so much and raise awareness whilst fighting it is truly inspirational.

  • very brave and inspiring lady .. yet still a very sad situation ..  R I P
  • Such a courageous young woman and I'm actually ashamed at how cowardly I am in talking about things like terminal illness, cancer as I cant seem to get past the unfairness of it, how ruthless and indiscriminate it is how horrible it is for her parents, husband, friends and children. 

    Rest in peace Dame Deborah 
  • Amazing, amazing woman. An inspiration to all. RIP DJ
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  • An incredible woman. So brave, so sad. Sleep tight Deborah. 
  • Very beautiful. 
    Very brave. 
    May she R.I.P.
  • RIP 
  • Very brave lady. RIP
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