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NFL Fantasy League 2022-2023

Hi, it’s a bit early, but are we all up for doing this again this year 

do people want to stay with Fleaflicker as I know some people said they preferred other platforms but I have not used any others personally so I am easy as to what platform we have. 


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    Yep up for this, find Fleaflicker a right pain to use, so if there is a platform move, Sleeper would be grand 
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    Up for it again! 

    Don’t mind Fleaflicker but happy to try another platform too.

    Excited for the new season.
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    Count me in again. Don’t find Fleaflicker a problem to use but have no idea what else is out there.
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    im up for it again too.

    happy with any platform too.
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    Well up for it.

    Don’t have any major issues with flea flicker, but then I don’t know anything else!
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    I’m happy to join if there is space 
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    I'm up for this again for sure - I've heard good things about Sleeper
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    I'm on Sleeper on another league and I find it a good platform to use but this is 100% the organiser's decision, I'm just hoping to be allowed back in after a shocker last year...
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