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How Many of Dowies Signings are Left?

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Now that Walton has gone I make it


2 good'uns and one pile of poo left.

What does this say about him?

What was the point about Walton? He was never going to play in the Prem last year yet Dowie shelled out £500k for him. He was supposed to be "one for the future". It makes you wonder who's future. As far as I can see we ended up paying part of his wages and a loss of £300k in a year. That has to be a shit deal if ever there was one.


  • yeah Pards has been qucik to get rid of the shit Dowie left behind.

    No club is stupid enough to buy Faye - unless we can get some French mob to take him off our hands.
  • If we're going to be balanced about it, then you also have to add the Carson loan.
  • Pards was always going to move players on that dowie signed, that's what managers do, they were that good that none ended up at coventry city.
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite]If we're going to be balanced about it, then you also have to add the Carson loan.

    OK I'll give him that one.
  • I thought/hoped Faye had gone?
  • There's also Mark Staunton who is a reserve team player that Dowie signed.
  • Personally I hate Dowie. I see him as the man who ruined our club. I'm going to 'un-support' Coventry more than Palace next season. I hope we thrash them and that we can all take the piss out of the stupid git.

    Teams I hate the most (revised):

    1. West Ham
    2. Coventry
    3. Chelsea
    4. Millwall
    5. Palace and Leicester.

    Will be interesting to see if this changes during our next year in Division Two (refuse to call it by its stupid real name)
  • oh Jimmy, Jimmy... why Leicester?
  • Why Palace and Leicester at 5 and not 5 and 6 ?
  • Because you have to finish with 'and Leicester' don't you?
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  • Dowie trying to burn the club to the ground and obviously lost it, ALA, walking around with sixteen million pounds worth of asset running across a dual carriage way in Newcastle... dreadful appointment, and also we were SO smug on those interviews with London tonight after the rit was served... "Jordon is jealous of what we have a chieved, etc" and then look what happens... SO F#$% Dowie and roll on Pards, I think this could be a great season .... full support Im putting my order in for the internet and FOX(SKY in Aussie land) so I can watch and they were advertising the fizzy pop league and I canrt wait!!!!!

  • wasnt Reid on the radar well before Dowie came along?
  • [cite]Posted By: razil[/cite]wasnt Reid on the radar well before Dowie came along?

    Curbs was definitely after him before he went to the Spudz.
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