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RIP Darius Danesh

The former Pop Idol and West End star was found dead at his home a few days ago. Only 41. Poor fella. RIP


  • Just saw that, very sad. 
  • Sad news. RIP Darius.
  • Blimey, thats a bit of a shock.  I actually had a bit of a soft spot for his single colourblind back in the day.  Only 41 too, jeez, taken far too early.  RIP Darius.
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    Couldn’t believe he was still only 41. Thought he was talented.
  • that's too young. RIP
  • That is really sad. A talented singer and composer and remember him well from the days of Pop Idol where he stood out

  • I thought he was a talented guy too and didnt realise he had been married to Natasha Henstridge too!

    41 is no age to die.  Sad

    RIP fella
  • Was underrated due to the Britney Spear pastiche  - but was very talented singer.

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  • Very sad to hear of someone his age passing away. RIP Darius.
  • I said the moment I saw him on the first pop idols "he will have a number 1, no question" the guy clearly had an abundance of talent and a brilliant voice. Whilst X Factor and pop idol and that type of programme isn't my thing at all, the first shows were very hard to avoid. As a former DJ I can confirm I'd been asked to play colourblind, that went to number 1, more than once. Pretty much a perfect pop song with a chorus. 

    Same age as me, probably achieved more than I have too. Rest in peace young man 
  • He was at university at the same time as me a few mates and my now Mrs knew him. Got some probably deserved stick at the time but made a good career for himself on the stage. Always shocking when someone your age does, very sad
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