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more players out

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are any more players likely to leave or is that it now?
And will Pards get the extra two players he wants without somone leaving?


  • hints are two more on the way out, MBent and Faye are my hope..
  • both are on big wages so I agree too, that said I imagine MBent could be very good for us this season.
  • i'd add Diawara and Fortune to that list as possible departees, if there are any.
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Salad[/cite]..... I imagine MBent could be very good for us this season.[/quote]

    You've got one hell of an imagination
  • Fortune leaving would not be a surprise
  • Diawara is being linked with a move to Bordeaux
  • Would be happy to lose Marcus otherwise keep what we've got.

    Fortune is reliable and Faye can probably do that centre midfield role at Championship level.

    A 33 year old Holland, for all his willingness, will not last 46 games and hasn't got the physical presence in my opinion for that role.

    Matty should be regarded as general midfield cover.
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    With respect Len Paul Ince was older when at Wolves and he played every game for them. If fit Holland could easily do the league games. Granted not cup as well.
  • Still reckon Marcus will be sitting in the stands with a couple of tarts on each arm two years from now.

  • Ideally you need two players at least to cover every position, that might mean a defender could play anywhere across the back four, but there are some positions where you need not just good players but depth and central midfield.

    If Matty Holland stays injury/suspension free then he can play in that role, but I'd like another player to come in and perhaps allow Pards to select from Samedo/Holland/Reid + one other.
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