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Jimi Famurewa

This guy is a British Nigerian journalist from SE London who's just had his first book published called Settlers:  Journeys Through the Food, Faith and Culture of Black African London, which looks really interesting (link here

Anyway, he was the Listed Londoner on the Robert Elms show and was being interviewed about the book then Robert got onto the 15 questions, including "What's your favourite building" and his answer was "The Valley". 

Charlton fan and season ticket holder.  If you're on here Jimi - enjoyed the interview and will be seeking the book out (even without the Charlton mention!)


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    Seen him on MasterChef a few times as a guest critic and never knew he was a Charlton fan! Always comes across as a nice guy. 
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    I wonder if we could get him to critique the pies in the West Stand 🥧🤮🤢

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    Comes across really well when he critiques on masterchef. Had no idea he was a Charlton fan. Like him even more now.
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    Just seen him on a Channel 5 programme about Ikea
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