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Traffic Chaos and Tonight’s Game

due to get the coach up for tonight but wondering how badly the bridge protest will affect getting to the game on time. If we are stuck in traffic for a couple of hours and miss the game, or a large chunk of it, I’d be better off staying at home and watching on Sky. Bit of a conundrum, what is everyone else in a similar position doing?


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    I'm still going. Coach pick up times are the same as for a 7,45 ko so that should help a bit. Think you may be on the same coach as me and I'm hoping the driver gets off at J3 which may also help. As long as I can get a couple of those lovely pints on offer in the CE bar I don't mind missing some of the game...
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    Left Leitrim at 5 this morning to drive to Dublin, the fast ferry was cancelled due to the weather. Near Wrexham at the moment, hopefully should be there for KO.
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