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R.I.P Jason David Frank

Jason David Frank passed away yesterday at the age of 49

Any 90s child would have fond memories of his work as Tommy Oliver the Green Ranger and later the White Ranger in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series and movie.

In fact Jason spent most of his career as a power ranger, after the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers finished he went on to appear in other power rangers series and films such as Turbo,  Wild Force, Dino Thunder and others.

For me personally as a child Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a highlight I watched every episode and love the films and the Green Ranger and later the White Ranger were my favourite and hearing Jasons death yesterday was a shock.

R.I.P Jason 

And one last time

Its Morphin time


  • Saw this. 

    Really sad.

    Tommy transformed the power rangers for me looking back. I'll never forget the Power Rangers movie with Ivan Ooze either. 

    Not a fantastic actor, but a great martial artist and a human being which is what makes the next part heart breaking to have learned.

    Jason took his own life and had tried to reach out in the days leading up to it. One friend was quoted as saying he'd messaged him directly leading up to it but he hadn't found the time to respond. 
  • RIP used to watch power rangers. So sad at that age
  • Very sad, had 4 children and another victim of male suicide. 
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