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  • Good news, makes sense, although personally I thought Meantime lager was overpriced & not to my taste.
    But that's my personal taste, just as I dislike most craft lagers.
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    Excellent news. 
  • But everything is wrong under TS and he isn't spending any money at all !  ;)

    Seriously - Its a step in the right direction and responds to feedback I guess.
  • cafcfan said:
    And, in the photo, doesn't Steve Browne look like he was born to be a pub landlord!

    He even poured the pint……….or so he said 😜🍺
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    A few years late, should be partnering with companies like this when they first come on to the scene and are making a name for themselves, but at least we've partnered with them now. Looking forward to a Charlton inspired beer, perhaps a nice red ale called Red Red Robin?
  • Great great news, great beer too!
  • I step in the right direction.
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  • It is good news. It's not cask conditioned so will be more viable than their attempt at selling real ale in the fan's bar. Just hope it's not ridiculously priced, as Meantime beers are normally a bit more expensive.
  • better !
  • This is the first bit of good news have heard for a wee while!
  • Only available in the directors lounge
  • Seems very sensible.  Local brewery, local club. Obvious tie up.

    This and the University tie up are good for the club and I hope we can do more.
  • That's nice!  A Danish-American owned football club has tied up a deal with a Japanese-owned brewery. 

  • Over-rated
  • Japanese brewery, no cask conditioned, no Gluten free. Nothing to get excited about.
  • mendonca said:
    This is the first bit of good news have heard for a wee while!
    Not the first bitter good news?
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  • Good news!
  • Wait until you see the prices.
  • Off_it said:
    They are but an alternative to flat, stale pints is a good thing. Worth paying a bit of extra money for.
  • It's got to be a major improvement on the current offering of John Smith's etc. Meantime's beers are expensive but so are most half decent keg beers.
  • I'm sure the Meantime offering will be properly Charltonised and levelled down to Fosters and John Smiths
  • Meantime will also be brewing Dark Star beers in the new year.
  • Great news, i suggested this in one of the fans forums, and fair play the club have followed through. 
  • Chizz said:
    That's nice!  A Danish-American owned football club located in a country where basically everyone has ancestry that came from somewhere else in the world has tied up a deal with a Japanese-owned brewery. It’s what made Britain Great

    Fixed it for you 
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