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Question for motor-bike (maybe bicycle) owners

Thinking about Xmas pressie for my brother -in -law who owns a couple of vintage motorbikes.What about a GPS tracker that would help in case one gets nicked? I'm thinking about something like an Apple AirTag which are brilliant - I leave one in my car -  but he's not in the Apple eco-sphere, has an Android phone, and I haven't checked if the AirTag is Android-friendly.

I'm pretty confident a Lifer or two has addressed this problem....Cheers


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    I've got one for my bike. Don't know if it's any good but it doesn't seem like it. Cost a lot of money to get it re-registerd - it was already fitted to a bike I bought second hand. Have never heard anything back from the company since. Can't say I'm impressed.  Will tell you the name when I get home.
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    Their best alternative is Tile. I had one of those a few years ago, but the trouble is, they only seem to track live within a short range of your phone, unless I am missing something. The Apple AirTags use GPS so you can track them on your Apple map anywhere in the world. People who have had their bags nicked or lost have found them really good for that. But as the article says, they only work in the Apple-sphere. 

    Surprised if there is nothing else cost- effective that does a similar job. 

    Maybe I will have to give him an old iPhone with the tags…
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