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SSL Cirtificat

Can someone explain what a SSL Cirtificate is.I have ordered ink cartridges from Cartridges Save and their website is  not available because of SSL cirtificate.The amount has been taken from my account(£55) so
 I am a little concerned that I may loose the cash.


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    It’s the site security certificate. If you mean it looks fine on my browser. Looks legit enough so should be fine

    Try again later or in a different browser
  • Thank You will try safari,iam using Firefox.I have tried three browser and they all say SSL site not available
  • You may wish to try and cancel the order ASAP.
    Ordered some myself start of December and got a boatload of refugees turn up carol singing at my front door.
    To top it all, they weren’t keen on mince pies.
  • Googled them and whilst one link came up with no SSl certificate, another took me to their website with a telephone number.
  • The certificate has too be renewed periodically and most likely it has expired over the holidays and nobody has been around to renew it.

    The browser uses the certificate too check that you are actually talking to the company that registered the address and that your connection has not been hijacked or intercepted. 

    It says nothing about the company itself. Almost anyone can get a certificate.

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