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Need some opinions for an article

Dear Manchester United-going Lifers,

I'm writing an article at the moment, and I was hoping to see if I could get some opinions, to go alongside the facts and stats. The article is basically about why us going to United is such a monumental occasion.

1. Why is the trip so special to (Charlton fans/you)
2. What can we gain from this trip
3. How (has/will) this trip change(d) your perspective and/or outlook on Charlton/being a Charlton fan

I know the questions are a little confusing, but it's my first go at writing an article, so I hope it all works out, just ask if you need some clarification

Many thanks



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    I've been on CL less than a year, so maybe not typical but here it goes:

    1) To me: First quarter final in a long time, in Manchester, one of the Mecca's of football, with the club not doing brilliantly it is a break from all the doom and gloom; great couple of days out in one of the most interesting cities in England: good food specially Indian and Chinese, friendly locals, great booze, even better music, full of history, etc. David and Goliath type of clash, a chance to see old friends (I lived in Manchester for three years).

    2) Good publicity for Charlton (hopefully); I guess good experience for the players to measure themselves against some of the best in Europe; re-ignite the interest of a few lapsed fans.

    3) To be honest, it does not change my perspective much, but that's fine. I suppose we go back to the hard work of trying to climb up the league on Wednesday, but it is not Wednesday, and tomorrow we play one of the biggest football clubs in the world.

    PS: I hope this is not me doing your GCSE homework for you.

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    1. An escape from the seemingly relentless misery of being a Charlton fan
    2. Enjoyment, at least pre match
    3. It won’t

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    1. I'm going with my boys (both adults), they're quite exited at the prospect. 
    2. I just hope it'll be fun in some way. I think that's what football ought to be about, but sometimes it's easy to fall into the trap of taking it too seriously. Maybe having a fixture where we've no realistic chances of winning will allow for a more devil may care approach to the day.
    3. How would it? I'll still be Charlton fan whatever happens. I'll always have fond memories of beating 'bigger' teams and I'll also continue to carry the lifelong disappointment of all the 'if onlys'. I'll still be pleased to support a club with a fascinating history (probably the most fascinating, if you don't just want a list of competitions won). Most of all though, I'll be proud that not just me, but all my family are Charlton. 
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