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RIP Jeff Beck

Another influential old rocker has left us. RIP.


  • Blimey.  RIP
  • One of the greatest rock/blues guitarists of all times forever remembered for the one song that paid a lot of the bills but that, by all accounts, he was so embarrassed to sing

  • F*ck me! Whose next (not the album)?

    R I P
  • Genius. RIP.
  • Such a talented guitarist, and one from the Mayall stables that heavily influenced music of the 60s and 70s, my favourite period of music. Technically I am told he was sublime, and would have loved to have seen him with Rod Stewart. Terrible loss, I am unsure that most people will appreciate his importance to British music of the time. Very sad loss

  • One of the very best British guitarists from the 60s onwards.  Can't believe he's gone already. 

  • One of the greats RIP
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    Lived just down the road from us.

    Could be a big turn out for his funeral & another visit to Wadhurst from his old pal, Johnny Depp. 

    Sleep tight, Jeff.
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  • Wow obviously more associated with Hi Ho silver lining but was a very influential and respected musician in his day.
  • RIP. 
  • A few people I am acquainted with have worked with him, and had plenty of praise for him. RIP Jeff. 
  • A guitar God - up there with the very best of all time.

    RIP Jeff and thank you for the music.
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  • I'm gutted and saddened to hear this news this morning. Loved his music from the Yarbirds onwards. A truly wonderful guitarist, who played with all the greats, from Clapton to Stewart and Nile Rodgers to name just 3. His music spanned the decades, such a sad and sudden loss.
    RIP Jeff, my prayers, thoughts and condolences to his family and friends. X
  • RIP Jeff. Legend.
  • RIP....loved the Yardbirds.
  • Gutted and shocked, as I knew he was still touring internationally. 

    Just search "Jeff Beck" on Twitter and read the appreciations from just about every rock guitarist of note, and more. Page, Gilmour, Buddy Guy, the under-rated ZZ Top guys, Aerosmith..on and on it goes, and with less expected artists like Nitin Sawhney. 

    As my Czech radio DJ and rock sage texted me, he invented rock and pulled the rest behind him.
  • For those of you who remember the film Blowup, which some of it was filmed in Maryon Park.At the end of the film there is about a five minute clip
     of The Yardbirds.I dont know if Jeff Beck was with them then.Always liked Hi Ho Silver Lining.Has become a Cricket Anthem.
  • A sad day for music.
    Rest in peace, Jeff.
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    used to be always paired with Clapton as a 'geetar god' .. i m o a more versatile and melodic player than Lord Eric .. saw his band (including Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood)) several times at the Bromley Court Hotel in the 1960s .. R I P Jeff
  • He was the lead/guest guitarist for Roger Waters `Amused To Death' album which, for me, is an absolute work of for that alone, cheers Jeff! A true guitar legend.

  • a real loss this one. Makes me feel even older 
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