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Valley audio commentary for visually impaired

When I was part of CASC in the 1990s, I helped set up a dedicated match commentary that visually impaired supporters could listen to. A number of sennheiser receivers were purchased via a grant and a fella volunteered to give the commentary. 

I note that we appear to no longer have this service. This is a great shame as it enabled supporters to be part of the experience that otherwise would struggle. 

Anyone know when this was dropped and why? Some other clubs offer this service.


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    Hi @TellyTubby

    I provided the VI commentary from 2001- 2016/17 or so and occasionally do it now. I've largely passed the baton on to some other gents who do an amazing job.

    So the service is still running and those recievers are still going too. 
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    just looking at the link.. I'm guessing your point is the club don't advertise the service. a good point. I'll suggest we get it added to this page and perhaps publicise it a bit more. back in the norties we did a couple of features in the program on it 
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    As Rob said, we’re still doing it and we’re hoping to get some new kit soonish so more can enjoy coming to games.
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    edited January 2023
    I replaced the kit in 1999/2000 when I worked at the club. 

    The commentary was then done by the same people doing the official commentary for the club ie charlton tv now
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    Was also done at away games for travelling fans as well as home games
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    It's great to know that the service is still going, I have no idea why it wouldn't be advertised. 

    Keep up the good work. 
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    In 1999/2000 we did a disability leaflet that explained the services available 
    ie car parking, trolley service for refreshments, drop off pass, commentary for visually impaired, coach travel for supporters using wheelchairs etc

    not sure if the latter is still advertised/available for away games
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