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Tom Verlaine - RIP

Fantastic, clever guitarist.  Television front man.  Love Marquee Moon - one of my favourite albums of the 70’s.  RIP.


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    F*ck me, no!

    Love Marquee Moon, still play it. I was lucky enough to see them play the album at Shepards Bush Empire.

    R I P
  • An extremely talented front man, who was hugely influential during the late 70s.  Marquee Moon is a fabulous debut album and I too still listen to it regularly.  I saw them play once back in the day...

    I bought tickets last year (June) to see The Go-Gos, supporting Billy Idol, but that got delayed and Go-Gos couldn't do the new dates last October. I would have cashed in the tickets, but Television were announced as the new support. I was very excited to see them again after all these years... Then they pulled out close to the date due to illness, so I got my money back...

    RIP great man. You will be sorely missed.
  • Is it just us three that appreciated the man?
  • One of my heroes too, and Marquee Moon is one of the all time great albums. Little Johnny Jewel I love as well. 
    Always regretted not having seen them play live. 
    RIP Tom. 
  • Well, the Cadillac
    It pulled out of the graveyard
    Pulled up to me
    All they said, "Get in, get in"
    Then the Cadillac
    It puttered back into the graveyard
    Me, I got out again.
  • RIP. I was too young to have heard them when they came out, but when I discovered Television in the mid 80s I could hear that so many of the bands I liked had taken an awful lot from Verlaine - particularly the likes of Josef K and the Go Betweens. Massively influential as a lyricist as well. As one comment I read said, he changed how a virtuoso guitarist was seen, no longer just about blues-driven solos, but a more jazz-influenced approach. 
  • Legend.
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