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R.I.P David Jolicoeur (De La Soul)


  • It was sad news to wake up to. RIP Trugoy
  • Sad news, RIP Trugoy the Dove.
    Dela Soul’s first LP ‘3ft High and Rising’ was an all time classic, featuring Say No Go, The Magic Number and Me, Myself and I. 
  • I remember seeing them at the Jazz Cafe Camden in 2008, wonderful show and had such a great time with the crowd.

    They just had a deal done for their early albums to be made available on streaming sites on 3rd march as well.
  • Incredibly sad. 54 is no age. RIP Trugoy. Plug Two forever
  • Ah man, Trugoy :-( 

    Loved De La Soul when I was younger, 3 feet high and rising was a blinding album. Can’t remember what I had for dinner yesterday but could easily nail down most the lyrics to The Magic Number, Me Myself and I etc

    bet Jennni was glad she lost favourite penny 
  • So sad and so, so young. Three feet high and rising is an absolute classic. Thank you for the tune and R.I.P, fella. <3
  • wow - RIP David
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