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RIP Jacqueline Gold

Died of cancer aged just 62.

Whatever you think of the Ann Summers chain, she was a very successful business woman.


  • not long after her father David .. R I P
  • Terribly sad few weeks for the family.  RIP.
  • RIP 
  • I met her once at a charity do, seemed a really nice lady, no age, RIP, tough time for the Gold family.
  • Terribly sad. Too young. Terrible time for her family.
  • Despite her wealth and success she had a tough life - very sad. 

  • bobmunro said:
    Unless it was a very short illness, her condition would no doubt have taken a heavy toll on her dad.

    Very sad, no age - RIP Jacqueline
    She fought this dreadful disease for seven years and that undoubtedly would have taken its toll on David. 

  • RIP....Didnt know who owned that chain and the connection with David Gold. No age and so sad.
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  • Bastard of a disease.  RIP 
  • Sad news - used to see her in Caterham when I repped in that area, lovely looking lass. RIP 
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