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Charlton Live - Big Match Preview - Shrewsbury at home - watch now


This evening's live stream, where we look ahead to @shrewsburytown, is available on demand


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Join Louis Mendez, Tom Wallin and Nathan Muller as they gear up for Saturday’s home game with Shrewsbury. Manager Dean Holden previews the game. They boys are also joined by Ollie from Salopcast to get the lowdown on the visitors. Dr Michael Seeraj from CACT join them to speak about Saturday’s Red, White and Black Day.

This show was first broadcast LIVE via our new YouTube channel – and you can rewatch the video below, or listen in your usual podcast places if preferred

For the fourth time, Charlton Live were once again among the nominees for The Football Supporters’ Associations’ Club Podcast of the Year award – thank you for your support! 

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  • Excellent show gents. 
  • Cheers, Ray 
  • LouisMend said:
    Cheers, Ray 
    I don’t suppose you’d invite Tony Keohane to appear as a guest?
    Thought I’d ask 🤷‍♂️
  • Judging by the fact that one of their lot just LOL'd my suggestion of interviewing Nathan ... I wouldn't hold out much hope. I guess they only support the agenda of the club.
  • @SurreyHeathAddick obviously we’ve chatted elsewhere and trust me you are a million miles away from the truth. I’ve had many a conversation with the Charlton live boys and girls and had nothing but support, my comment was purely a joke knowing that I’ve asked before and had explained why it can’t happen, only last night I was getting advice as the direction to take before tweeting something out. Pro the club? Not having that, while Louis has to understandably protect his relationship with the club, that’s his livelihood as well as the club he supports he has been critical of the club many a time. 
    My apologies to both you and the CL if my comments was taken seriously and caused this misunderstanding.
  • No worries Ray. I’m not a fan of the clique and their podcast but pleased they are supporting your cause… keep pushing! bullies should never win and mental health should never be an afterthought 👍🏼
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