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Time to rewrite the history books?

Museum article from today's programme



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    If true unlucky to print on 1st April.

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    If true unlucky to print on 1st April.

    As stated in article today is the 175th anniversary of the club's foundation 

  • Die Addicks Hinauf!
  • Date.
  • seth plum said:
    Already spoken for sorry Seth... ;)
  • Wunderbar work uncovering all that guys.

    Take that Notts County you dummkopfs. 
  • I believe all of that. 
  • Not this time, nice try🤣
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  • Aprilscherz 🤣
  • Ha ha, great stuff. Just highlights how spurious Palace's claim is.
  • April 1st.
  • I got pretty deep into that before the penny dropped
  • Thanks for the feedback and glad that people enjoyed our little joke at the expense of other clubs who feel the need to invent a history for themselves 

    "1905 and Proud"
  • Didn't get a programme but was telling my wife about the CAFC new bags April Fool from 2006(?). This was a great idea as it highlights the ludicrous claims of Woy's Warriors to be the oldest club in the League.
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