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Charlton on Youtube.

Been seeing old Charlton videos from the museum recently which made me remember my heroes who hooked me for the next 60 years on CAFC: Hinton, Hewie, Leary, Lawrie, Summers, Bailey ... and the fabulous Firmani (second time around). The football world has changed since then, but will any of the recent crop deliver the same magic for someone 60 years from now?


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    I don’t know if this is in any way feasible, but the original Billy Cotton ‘Red Red Robin’ recorded especially for us ended (I think I remember) with the boys in the band spelling out C H A R L T O N, and then calling out ‘Addicks away!’.
    Sometimes on the old Finches videos you can hear at least part of the record, I wonder if it would be possible with remastering technology of some kind to clean up a recording and capture that last bit, maybe to be spliced on the end of the recording we use and played when the teams run out.
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