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The earth is heating up and increasing numbers of people are being inconvenienced by the problems that causes. It is likely to become the biggest challenge to be faced by forthcoming generations, so I'd like to redirect you to a HoC thread now open for debating Environmental Issues and Green Politics should you be interested.

Few have been so far, CL comprising a small sample population tending to the upper age bracket, and it's proving something of a slow burner at a time when the heat needs to be turned up on our politicians to act quicker and take the lead. However, we all have our part to play in reducing our carbon footprints and although some argue that individual actions won't make a big difference compared to the activities of big state polluters, collectively they help. Although inconvenient, changing our patterns of consumerism, which serves as a driver for extraordinary rises in Co2 emissions, is desirable. We can lower our fuel consumption, change what we eat, buy commodities less harmful to the environment, and only then when essential.

The protests that currently outrage the general public more than the reasons for them will become more frequent and better supported as the the effects of global warming escalate. I'm in favour of peaceful ones that don't disrupt or hinder emergency services rending assistance to those in need and it will be interesting to see how the police respond to today's.

All I have to say to any climate change deniers on here is that I'm not aware of any credible  scientist without a vested interest in saying it isn't happening who believes the earth isn't getting hotter. It is! It's the causes and what to do about it that give rise to the debate and actions to combat it. 

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    The big misconception is that it just means 'we'll have hotter summers, and who doesn't like a hot summer, right'?
    The real issue is global food production being compromised, and water becoming a scarcer commodity.
    Also, parts of the globe are likely to become uninhabitable; so what happens to all the people currently living in those regions?
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    Thanks very much for the link Swordfish.  I'm going to close this thread now though because I don't really want to have parallel discussions going. 

    It is an important topic though, perhaps the most important topic, so  if you'd like to contribute to the discussion please use Swordfish's link to head on over.

    Thank you.
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