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2022-23 CL Prediction League Week 38 Results - FINAL WEEK - **Congratulations @GoOnYouHaddocks**

The Prediction League is a marathon and not a sprint. Over 38 weeks, there is no doubt that @GoOnYouHaddocks fully deserves to win this year's title, which was achieved by a massive 11-point margin. Worthy runners-up were @Paddy Powell and @Charlton_Stu, while @meldrew66 will be predicting next season in the European Prediction Champions League by finishing fourth. But let's not forget our divisional winners for 2022-23. The Championship was claimed by @MrLargo, the League One title went to @paulie8290, and the League Two title was won by @T_C_E. As for the non-Leaguers, the National League title was won by @walshiesleftfoot, presumably with the help of two rich Americans, while Hopeful Harriet won the National South. @cafc375, whose fans are hoping a takeover goes ahead soon, finished in the same position as Charlton. Credit to @addix, who maintained a 10-week run of scoring 2+ up to the end of the season. 

As for Week 38, there were three joint top scorers as @Killarahales, @barstool and @addix picked up 5 points in a tricky week with some odd scores (don't Millwall fans just know it?). @Nicholas ended the season by getting the Prediction of the Week - no extra points but plenty of glory for that. However, for the first time, I've managed to get the Worst of the Prediction of the week, so I'll say no more about that.

Thanks to everyone who took part this season. The Prediction League Mega Statbank will follow in a few days. After that, @paulbaconsarnie and I will be enjoying our holidays in the sun, paid for, of course, by the vast profits that come from running the Prediction League and Beat the Bookie. Keep your eyes open for the Mega Statbank, I should be able to post it by the end of the week.

This week's mini-statbank

Graveyard prediction of the week: Wolverhampton Wanderers 1 Aston Villa 0 (0 correct scores, 1 correct result, 20 wrong predictions)
Easy peasy prediction of the week: Huddersfield Town 2 Reading 0 (16 correct scores, 18 correct results, 1 wrong prediction
Zero to hero predictor(s): @Frankie_de_Toro (0 points last week, 2 points this week)
Charlton result: Cheltenham Town v Charlton 2-2 (29 predictions - 1 correct score, 1 correct result, 27 wrong predictions)
Unfancied fixture of the week: St Johnstone 1 Dundee United 0 (3 predictions - 1 correct score, 1 correct result, 1 wrong prediction
Competitor in the same position as Charlton: @cafc375 (10th)
Longest streak of scoring 2+ each week - 10 weeks: @addix
Longest streak of scoring 1 or less each week - 8 weeks: @seth plum
Formguide - best over last 4 weeks: @flyingkiwiDK 18, @Curbsgoldenera 14, @addix 13, @AFKABartram 12, @GoOnYouHaddocks 12, @Killarahales 12, @moutuakilla 12, @Paddy Powell 12, @sarge1g 12, @stackitsteve 12
Best prediction of the week: @Nicholas - Barnsley 0 Peterborough 2 (18 predictions, 1 correct score, 0 correct results, 17 wrong predictions)
Worst prediction(s) of the week: : @56yearsofdreams - Millwall v Blackburn Rovers 1-0, @thai malaysia addick - Millwall v Blackburn Rovers 1-0, @Paddy Powell - Millwall v Blackburn Rovers 1-0, @ThreadKiller - Millwall v Blackburn Rovers 1-0, @robroy - Millwall v Blackburn Rovers 1-0
Biggest riser of the week: @barstool from 6th League Two to 12th League One
Biggest faller of the week: @No.1 in South London from 8th League One to 17th League One
Division Leaders: Premier League - @GoOnYouHaddocks , Championship - @MrLargo , League One - @paulie8290 , League Two - @T_C_E , National - @walshiesleftfoot , National South - @Hopeful Harriet

This week's scores
Killarahales ... 5
barstool ... 5
addix ... 5
walshiesleftfoot ... 4
StrikerFirmani ... 4
SaySomething ... 4
paulbaconsarnie ... 4
Paddy Powell ... 4
moutuakilla ... 4
GoOnYouHaddocks ... 4
flyingkiwiDK ... 4
Curbsgoldenera ... 4
Chicken_Skins ... 4
AFKABartram ... 4
56yearsofdreams ... 4
timken ... 3
Starinnaddick ... 3
robroy ... 3
Redmidland ... 3
RaplhMilne ... 3
Pedro45 ... 3
ParkinsonOut ... 3
Nicholas ... 3
lindos480 ... 3
Webbja77 ... 2
Tutt-Tutt ... 2
tommo ... 2
stackitsteve ... 2
soapboxsam ... 2
Seabros ... 2
redlanered ... 2
paulie8290 ... 2
oohaahmortimer ... 2
Macronate ... 2
Low_Ears ... 2
Lewis Coaches ... 2
Karim_myBagheri ... 2
Hopeful Harriet ... 2
Frankie_de_Toro ... 2
Follower Fred ... 2
Dazzler21 ... 2
dajavouslagan ... 2
Buglehorn ... 2
Bill_Stumps ... 2
Big_Bob ... 2
Bangkokaddick ... 2
WHAddick ... 1
WestSussexAddick ... 1
Viewfinder ... 1
thai malaysia addick ... 1
Taxi_Lad ... 1
T_C_E ... 1
stonemuse ... 1
Sillybilly ... 1
sholland ... 1
seth plum ... 1
Scott ... 1
Saulc23 ... 1
sarge1g ... 1
RickAddick ... 1
RC_CAFC ... 1
rananegra ... 1
PaddyP17 ... 1
NorthheathAddick ... 1
MrOneLung ... 1
MrLargo ... 1
meldrew66 ... 1
LenGlover ... 1
killerandflash ... 1
ken_shabby ... 1
Jonniesta ... 1
IdleHans ... 1
Hamlet ... 1
foresthillred ... 1
fat man on a moped ... 1
Dansk_Red ... 1
covered_end_junior ... 1
clive ... 1
Chippycafc ... 1
charente addick ... 1
cafcwill ... 1
BR7_addick ... 1
Bournemouth Addick ... 1
blackpool72 ... 1
Beardface ... 1
Addick Addict ... 1
throughthickandthin ... 0
ThreadKiller ... 0
theeenorth ... 0
Tavern ... 0
Swerve ... 0
Rudders22 ... 0
Pessimist Pete ... 0
No.1 in South London ... 0
Johnnysummers5 ... 0
johnnybev1987 ... 0
JamesSeed ... 0
Covered End ... 0
CL_Phantom ... 0
Chris_from_Sidcup ... 0
ChicagoAddick ... 0
chezzafromcharlton ... 0
charscot ... 0
Charlton_Stu ... 0
cafc375 ... 0
Bods64 ... 0
Blackheathen ... 0
Billyboy ... 0
BertieB ... 0
alan dugdale ... 0


  • Thanks @thai malaysia addick for your hard work through the season.
    Finished on a good run to just scrape into the Premier League.
  • Well done @GoOnYouHaddocks - thoroughly deserved as once you hit the front no one appeared to get quite close enough to have any real chance of pegging you back. 

    Thanks yet again @thai malaysia addick for running this comp. Always good to read your summary of the pervious week's efforts even if it hasn't been great from a personal perspective!

  • Thanks @thai malaysia addick

    What a pathetic season, ending with a whimper. I'll have to do better next season, especially as my budget has been increased.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed my first season. Thanks for all your work on this TMA.. on to next year!
  • My thanks too to thai malaysia addick and congratulations to GoOnYouHaddocks.
  • Thanks @thai malaysia addick for organising this and congratulations to @GoOnYouHaddocks well deserved 👏 i think i got a bit dizzy a few weeks ago and never recovered 😂
  • Thanks for your efforts again this season @thai malaysia addick
  • Thanks for the enjoyment and all your hard work and time you put into this competition.
  • Congratulations to GonoYouHaddocks and thank you for organising this Thai Malayasian Addick. 
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  • Another year of mid table mediocrity for me.  Thanks for running it @thai malaysia addick!
  • Well done @GoOnyouHaddocks and thanks to @Thai for running the comp again.  My worst year and a squad clear-out needed.  
  • Poor season in the National League. Thanks @thai malaysia addick for all your hard work.
  • Thanks for all the work, always fun 
  • Thanks for the congrats, guys, and a big thank you to @thai malaysia addick for organising it. It’s been fun.
  • Thanks @thai malaysia addick once again for doing this so brilliantly. Enjoy the summer off mate :)
  • Thanks once again to @thai malaysia addick for organising this, and congrats to @GoOnYouHaddocks  
  • Just noticed that @AFKABartram ended up in the same position as Millwall. 
  • Thanks to TMA & well played GOYH.
  • Thanks to @thai malaysia addick for organising the Prediction League and I doff my cap to the winner @GoOnYouHaddocks
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  • Many thanks TMA for all your hard work  and congratulations GOYH. 
  • Thanks for all your effort @thai malaysia addick

    My position at the club is very tenuous, the board said if we finished in league 1 I would be sacked, however as it was only goal difference and we lifted the title there is hope I may keep my job, board meeting is set for tomorrow apparently 🤞
  • Thanks once again for running it, it’s an integral part of my week, my Wednesday commute home will be lost for a few months again.  Congratulations to the winner.
  • Congratulations @GoOnYouHaddocks. A worthy winner indeed! 
  • Thanks for all the hard work. Promotion to the Premier League in the last week of the season is sweet!
  • Congrats to GoOnYouHaddocks - sterling performance and just too tough to catch. I'm happy with a 4th place/Champions League finish. As others have said, a big 'THANKS' to Thai Malaysia Addick for organising a fun competition this and every year. I've learned never to predict a Charlton result so I'm hopeful of a bigger points haul next season. COYR.
  • Many many thanks to @thai malaysia addick, this is a fantastic service you provide, and you do it with verve and humour. Take a bow.
  • My first year on the prediction league and getting correct scores is certainly difficult.
    My position shows 7th so missed out on the Play-offs by a whisker in League 1.

    Many thanks to @thai malaysia addick for your algorithm and analysis over a long season and disappointing to see some throw the towel in early doors. 
  • My first year on the prediction league and getting correct scores is certainly difficult.
    My position shows 7th so missed out on the Play-offs by a whisker in League 1.

    Many thanks to @thai malaysia addick for your algorithm and analysis over a long season and disappointing to see some throw the towel in early doors. 
    As you will see, @soapboxsam, when I publish the 'over-season' progress chart later, some people start badly and end up in the Premier Division. To be fair, most people that get beyond about week 7, keep going to the very end.
  • seth plum said:
    Many many thanks to @thai malaysia addick, this is a fantastic service you provide, and you do it with verve and humour. Take a bow.
    I'm not sure I got 'verve and humour' on school reports. I'm glad you enjoy it, @seth plum, although I noticed that you plummeted after a promising first half to the season.
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