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BEAT THE BOOKIE 2022/23 week 33 results and summary of this season’s competition

5 out of 67 lifers got a return in the final week 33 of the competition.
@southamptonaddick is the weekly winner with wins for Tottenham (1.80), Huddersfield (2.10) and Swansea (3.20) netting them £120.96

Well after 92 lifers (and 2 bettingbots) placed 2443 bets with 326 returns we would have lost over £3,500 if done in reality.

The winner of this season’s competition is @Addick Addict congratulations 
2nd place @CL_Phantom and 3rd place @theeenorth
Biggest weekly return was £369.60 by @Making_all_the_noise
Winner of most weeks with 3 each are @AFKABartram @CL_Phantom and Rose Tinted Roger
Most returns with 12 is @Redmidland
Most treble figure returns with 3 each are @Addick Addict, @theeenorth and @thai malaysia addick
3 lifers drew blanks in all 33 weeks.
31 would’ve made a profit if placed with a real bookie.

Whether you just play as a bit of fun to see how you do or use this as a reminder to limit or control your betting habits, I hope you enjoyed.
If anyone fancies taking the reins next season, then please do so.
If nobody does, then I will (probably) be back in August.


  • Cheers Mr Sarnie, another fun comp as always. Thankfully i don't often follow through with my predictions here but nice to be in the Green :) 

    Enjoy your break and thanks for all your hard work
  • Thanks again. Always enjoy the anticipation (although usually ends in disappointment). Congratulations to Addick Addict and the other high finishers.
  • Very enjoyable thanks for all your efforts have a good break
  • Thanks @paulbaconsarnie, I really enjoy this competition, hope you carry on next season. Have a great summer break!
  • Thanks, @paulbaconsarnie. It’s about time we found a way to win our own competitions! Happy to hand my Trophy over to a worthy winner, @Addick Addict. I’ve polished it this morning.
  • Many thanks once again @paulbaconsarnie for running this comp. It's one of CL's staple diets for me! 
  • Cheers for doing this again Paul.
    Much appreciated. 
    Congratulations Addick Addict.
  • Great stuff mate and well done for running this. Only 3 right this year compared to about 13 last year. Well done to everyone. Have a great summer.
  • Cheers @paulbaconsarnie for running the comp. Disappointed I didn't finish higher, but that's gambling for ya.
  • Thanks for your hard work throughout the season @paulbaconsarnie

    Tried restricting myself to two teams each week which did give 11 profitable weeks, and I'll take any profit from a bookie.  Maybe singles for next season!
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  • Thanks for running the comp @paulbaconsarnie. I'm sure it is quite time consuming.
    Didn't finish as high as last season but on the final week was the weekly winner for the first time  :).
    Hopefully you can carry on next season and maybe I'll actually bet on my choices.  ;)

  • Thanks for all you hard work @paulbaconsarnie. Great fun and a reminder that gambling is the devil’s work 🤣🤣🤣
  • Thanks pbs.
  • edited May 11
    Thanks Paul Bacon Sarnie for all your hard graft on Beat the bookie. Makes you realize why Denise Coates is a multi billionaire and mug punters continue to contribute to her wealth.
  • thanks and well done pbs.
  • Thanks for your hard work over the season @paulbaconsarnie
  • Cheers PBS. 

    Imagine this must be a nightmare to organise 
  • Thanks @paulbaconsarnie . Pleased to finish in the black.
  • edited May 11
    Congratulations to @Addick Addict on your first place finish and a big thanks to @paulbaconsarnie for running this every week.

    I finished in the top-ten (just) and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • Good fun. Thanks for your efforts.
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  • Many thanks for your hard work!
  • Well done for running the weekly comp. Appreciate the effort you put in to provide us with the entertainment.  Look forward to next season.
  • Thanks for running this, very nice and steady!
  • Got done on the run in l, but it doesn’t hurt as much as the pain Chef Wendy must be feeling now. Thank you for running the comp, it’s the only constant for me on CL.
  • Thanks for running this @paulbaconsarnie.  Always play even though I'm rubbish.  Please keep it going!
  • Everton 
  • Everton 
    Bit early for you to be posting your selections isn't it? You do know that it's not Sunday.   
  • Very much appreciate your hard work and dedication to BTB PBS cheers!!
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