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Apologies for this being a little late and for any errors but life is a little difficult with The Lass in hospital.
I hope you all enjoy remembering the good games, and there were some, and let's hope for more next season.


  • Superb work.
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    Excellent stats @lancashire lad

    I can't see Albie Morgan's average mark.
    He had 35 apps so should be in the 24+ group.

    Thanks for your hard work 👏
  • Well done, very interesting. Albie seems to be missing from the players average marks. 
  • We could do with Dobbo getting less bookings. Great work LL! 
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    to make it fair Albie is now there
  • Fantastic work and effort - thank you! Gave AMB my POTY and these stats marginally evidence/back up why I did. He will be No1 for sure next season. 
  • Always makes interesting reading. Thanks for your efforts @lancashire lad
  • It does say something when two of our top four for those who have made 10 of more appearances are our two keepers!
  • Brilliant work; crap season.
  • I do not know where you get the enthusiasm from LL, but I hope next season will be more interesting and you keep going 👍
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  • Thank you so much for the work you put into this, and after every match.  Always interesting.
    Here's hoping next season will be a more rewarding one.
  • A very interesting set of stats. Thanks for all your hard graft over the season.
  • Cheers LL, hope your other half is home and healthy soon. The stats that stand out for me are 86 shots from JRS and Miles' conversion rate of less than 1:4 goals to shots
  • Very good thank you
  • Thanks LL! 
  • Great effort putting those stats together @lancashire lad 
  • addickson said:
    Cheers LL, hope your other half is home and healthy soon. The stats that stand out for me are 86 shots from JRS and Miles' conversion rate of less than 1:4 goals to shots
    I noticed that about the shots, underlines just how much we’ll miss JRS.

    The other one that stood out was the games with the highest % possession and the lack of wins from those games. It’s been a problem for us for so long, when teams come to sit behind the ball that we just can’t break through.
  • Also amazing work LL  :)
  • Thanks again for the time and effort.
  • Thanks for all the effort. Here's to skipping all the games refereed by David Rock next year...
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  • Great stats, thanks LL. Best of luck to Mrs. 
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    The stats that jumps out at me:

    Possession of 69% against Morecambe in the 2-3 defeat at the valley. 69% in 1-1 draw v Cambridge. 66% in 0-1 defeat Cheltenham and 65% in 1-1 against FGR.

    What you do with the ball and what do you create to get a positive result is paramount.

    I had an acquaintance(not a friend as Palace fan !) Who was a manager of my local Corals(now shut and nail bar) who did stats a few years ago on Palace wins and defeats. 
    They didn't win any League matches when they had over 60% possession yet had 8 wins with 35 to 40% possession. 

    It's what you create and when Ipswich had 60% possession against Cafc in the 6-0 thrashing they also had 26 shots !

    It's a funny old game.
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    Thanks Lancs!
    Good to see a little recognition for Lucas Ness’s efforts. Let’s hope he comes back successfully from his injury, because he could well be an important player for us next season.
  • Great stuff, thanks

    A very low score for AMB to win POTY. Not even the highest ranked goalkeeper during the season

    And yes he had some poor games, but bizarre that Rak-Sakyi ended up way down the rankings
  • Fantastic analysis thanks very much 👏
  • Nine reds?  That’s awful. 
  • seth plum said:
    Superb work.
    THIS thanks a statistical million L L  B):)
  • Absolutely brilliant, as always LL...many thanks!!
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