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RIP Lee Rigby

Always in our hearts rest easy Lee 


  • Funny how this went pretty much un-noticed over the weekend
  • It was on BBC Radio London as well. His son hoping to raise a lot of money for charity. 
  • Never forget that day.
    RIP Lee 💔
  • I hope things have got easier for the family over time - a terrible thing to have to deal with.
  • Rip drummer Lee Rigby, never forgotten. 
    The ride of respect as usual took place yesterday. 
  • I was thinking about this sad event last week. One of those things where I know exactly where I was when the news broke. 

    Just a few hundred yards from where I grew up in early life. 

    RIP Lee, never forgotten. 
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  • RIP Lee, only drove past the spot he was killed a few weeks ago. Shame they can't name a road after him. 
  • RIP Lee
  • R0TW said:
    Funny how this went pretty much un-noticed over the weekend
    No it wasn’t. 

    ITV did an interview with his son, as well as Yahoo, The mirror, the independent, the metro, daily mail, daily express and sky news running articles due to it being ten years.

    10 years ? Good grief, if asked I would have said about half that RIP Lee
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