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RIP Glenda Jackson CBE

Blackheath resident, former MP and multiple award winning actress Glenda Jackson has passed away aged 87. 

"All men are fools, and what makes them so is having beauty like what I have got..."  

RIP Glenda, you star. 


  • RIP. She lived in Hervey Road.
    I saw her around The Standard occasionally, when I lived there in the 70's/80s.
  • RIP
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    File photo dated 070467 of a photocall for Anton Chekovs play The Three Sisters which was revived at the Royal Court Theatre The actresses are Marianne Faithfull Glenda Jackson centre and Avril Elgar right
  • I used to put petrol in her car when I worked at the petrol station near the Standard in 1982ish. She was nice. 
  • RIP great actress in the 60's and 70's
  • How many films did she do with George Seagal?
    There always seemed to be one on during the school holidays & I loved their chemistry.
    I admired her immensely for turning to politics.
    RIP marvellous lady ❤️
  • RIP.... Lady that had principles... 
  • RIP. She lived in Hervey Road.
    I saw her around The Standard occasionally, when I lived there in the 70's/80s.
    Had afternoon tea in her house in Hervey Road after catching her dog that had escaped. Lovely lady. RIP.
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  • Reminds me I was dating a girl lived in Hervey road, Glenda lived about 3 doors down. That was before the Blackwall approach road was built & Hervey road was cut in two if I remember. Early 1970’s I guess.

    RIP Glenda.   A superior lady.
  • Outstanding actress and a principled politician. A life very well lived.

    RIP beautiful lady.
  • RIP Glenda, a wonderful actress and principled lady.
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  • cafckev said:
    I remember knocking on her front door doing carol singing when I was about 7. She answered the door and asked us which charity we were collecting for. When we said it was for us (myself and two sisters ages 9 and 10) she said she wouldn’t give us anything and slammed the door shut. I will never forgive her, but she was a fantastic actress 
    I'm sure she did all those acting roles for free.
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    I think it’s incredibly sad that the RIP thread for one of the most principled and creative women of our times should be derailed by one spurious anecdote.
  • I’m so pleased she came from Blackheath.  I had no idea.

    She came to NZ in the ‘90s at the invitation of the Labour Party and we went to an evening at an event held in a large cafe in Lambton Quay, Wellington.  She was so impressive although the main thing I recall from the meeting was her reluctance, refusal actually, to talk about her acting career.  So it is interesting to learn she went back to acting a later in life.

    RIP Glenda.
  • Her return to the stage after leaving Parliament garnered reviews like this:
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    I also met her a few times and once stayed in the same room  in a friend's house which she had a few weeks before.
  • Carol singer anecdote. She was a principled person and did wright. Carol singers knocking on the door was for usually to raise money for the local poor and elderly,  not a free enterprise cash cow. 
    Collecting for yourself was the penny for the guy.
    She was a brilliant actress and I had the privilege to see her on the stage in the 1980s.
  • Everyone goes eventually, you just wish some stayed around longer than others. 
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