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Fire Alarm Engineers - HELP!

Does anyone on here know any good Fire Alarm engineers?  I really need an expert to advise me on something

Thanks in advance


  • I’m a retired engineer, if your looking for just advice.
  • Harrow said:
    I’m a retired engineer, if your looking for just advice.
    Cheers.  No I need someone to go and look at a wireless install and tell me wtf is wrong with it.  If you know anyone still in the game can you let me know please

  • Batteries need replacing regularly in the devices. Try calling the manufacturers helpline, or give Mark Jones a call at SOJ fire.
  • Cheers.  The units are ok but it’s the transmitters struggling to connect with the main panel.  I might give your man a call tomorrow 👍
  • Btw this is no advice.
    I remember being in a block of flats where the fire alarm wouldn't shut up. Turned out it was a fuck up with an outside connection. Didn't know who to ring. I ended up hitting the alarm with a shoe several times before it gave up the ghost. Landlord was not impressed. 
  • Hi Swis, been in the game for 40 years but retired now. Wireless systems are notorious for playing up and going wrong. The company that installed them should have carried out a signal strength test to evaluate how many transmitters were needed and where to site them.

    You should also have a service agreement in place with an approved company that can provide 24/7 call out facilities so can’t you contact them?
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