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Sid O'Linn (Sidney Olinsky)

After rain stopped play at the cricket today, I went into the Lord's Museum where there is a new exhibit on Jewish cricketers. One of the players highlighted was the South African Sid O'Linn, who went on to play for both Charlton and Kent. I had no idea that he was actually Jewish, and changed his name to make him sound Irish rather than Jewish.

One of the photos is of the Charlton team who played Real Madrid in 1955, with O'Linn scoring.


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    I heard about this exhibition on 5LX and just didn't get the connection .. 
  • I think he was the reserve wicketkeeper on the England tour. 
    He was reputed to have one of the hardest shots in league football along with Duggie Reid of Pompey.
    Fond memories of all the South African players who were great with us kids. 
  • I heard about this exhibition on 5LX and just didn't get the connection .. 
    Yes, they talked about it at lunchtime, so I popped in to see it when rain stopped play. I thought I recognised the name when they mentioned him, but had forgotten the Charlton connection!
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    Heard it on the news when the exhibition was first launched, as soon as I heard the name my ears pricked up - amazing story. Bit like Stuart Leary not being allowed to play for England but national service was fine for him
  • Saw Sid play many times . Divided opinion amongst supporters of the time . Mercurial personality somewhat overshadowed his superb sporting ability - football , cricket, and a scratch golfer . Anyone still interested might go to back editions of the Voice where he often featured in the nostalgia columns.
  • That’s really interesting thanks killerandflash.  I had no idea of his ethnic roots (not that there’s anything wrong with them), just thought he was South African and that was that.

    Saw him many times too.  Those were the days.
  • Never knew we played real at the bernabeu !
  • Never knew we played real at the bernabeu !
    Ask @AFKABartram 's son, he learnt all about it from a visit to the museum
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    Great Thread Killer.

    Respect to Sid.

    From playing Real Madrid at the Bernabeu to Accrington Stanley at the Wham stadium.
    "Wake me up before you go-go"
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