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July 5th 1948 our wonderful NHS was today, it's 75th Anniversary, I Just wanted to mark the occasion and give my personal thanks for the work done by our wonderful Doctors, Nurses, GP's and countless support
******HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY NHS..*****
Please don't turn this thread into a political quarrel about right and wrong, just appreciate the NHS for what it is...


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    Happy birthday indeed to a wonderful organisation...they saved my life 8 years they have to try and save it again as from tomorrow.....the care I received 8 years ago was astounding, excellent and so very caring!
    Thank you to all that work under the NHS umbrella, from a very grateful patient!!
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    Best wishes RM.
    Happy Birthday NHS, the best social enterprise in this country ever.
    I think some reform is needed, but absolutely not privatisation.
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    Neither I nor Idle junior would be here without it, for which I will always be grateful. Unthinkable that it should ever not be there, the true mark of a civilised society. Happy birthday!
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    The greatest peacetime achievement in our country's history. 

    Thank you Nye Bevan and all who look after us and our loved ones when we need it most.  

    Happy Birthday NHS 
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    Happy birthday let's hope it runs for another 75 years
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