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Tony Bennett RIP

Tony Bennett, the legendary New York pop and jazz singer, has died aged 96.

Bennett was known for songs such as The Way You Look Tonight, Body and Soul and (I Left My Heart) In San Francisco.

He also collaborated with star performers from Lady Gaga to Aretha Franklin and Frank Sinatra.

His death was confirmed by his publicist Sylvia Weiner in a statement to the Associated Press.

She said he died in his hometown of New York. There was no specific cause of death, but Bennett had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2016.


  • Great performer, RIP Tony. 
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    What a great singer!  Now with the angels.
  • One of the greatest crooners.

  • Great singer, one of my dad's favourites.  RIP.
  • Great innings and a brilliant performer. I was lucky to see him twice live. RIP
  • Would love to hear he donated his heart to a resident of San Francisco. 

    Great singer. RIP.
  • super crooner .. R I P
  • One of the greats.

  • Legend.
  • Was one of my old man's favourites - RIP
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    An absolute titan. I am so, so sad to hear of his passing. Even in the throes of Alzheimers last year, at 95... man, he still had it: 
  • He was one of my dad's favourites too.

  • Christ, I thought he died years ago.
  • Saw him at the Albert Hall in 2019 I think with my mum, then aged 86 ( her not him). Voice a bit done, charisma fully intact. 
  • Even as a huge fan of rock and blues, the crooners have always been big in my music life. Tony Bennett had a voice like velvet, perfect diction, and all so effortless. Was he the best? Well he is certainly in the argument for me along with Nat Cole and Matt Monro.

    RIP Tony - and thank you.
  • A real shame this, I have seen him a few times and he was effortless, a genuine last link to the crooners of the past. The very thought of you, the Good Life and Fly me to the Moon are classics

    a very sad day  
  • Saw him at Radio City in NY back in the 90's, amazing voice and performer. RIP
  • An unmistakable voice and remarkable talent across many decades. I do like a bit of old school crooning and he has definitely left his mark.

  • Tony Bennet was so un-cool in the 1960's so surprised seeing Tony Bennet albums alongside the Motown and Beatles etc in my then new girlfriend's (now wife) record collection when first went to her house to play records. She really loved his songs and as he happened to be touring England in 1969 and to ingratiate myself, got tickets for one of his 1969 London concerts with the Count Basie orchestra.  Still teenagers we looked a bit out of place. The rest is history!!

    Knew he had Alzheimer's but apparently could remember every song. RIP.

  • One of the last true musical legends now gone. Saw his last concert at the RAH. Felt emotional at the end. What a career. What a gentleman. RIP Tony. I’ll miss you.
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  • So very very sad to read this news. He was a great performer with a distinctive voice.
    He was also my late dad's favourite singer, along with Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.
    RiP Tony x you'll be greatly missed x
  • The last of the true great crooners. RIP
  • Bit late but will join other admirers in my sadness at his passing.I first saw Tony around 50 years ago at the Festival hall,with the Count Basie Orchestra,I often took the opportunity to see him over the years,(He even came to Chatham once)I last saw him some 8-9 years ago at the RAH,he actually turned off all the mikes and sang fly me to the moon,without any electrical help.I considered this to be the most beautiful thing I have ever heard at a live concert,just mind blowing.

    Tony thanks for the memories RiP.
  • Saw Tony Bennett at Glastonbury in 98! It had leathered it down all weekend and we were all covered in mud and soaked through to the skin. I can't remember much of the music tbh. Just that the geezer looked so smart haha! Immaculately dressed! Not really my kind of music, but I can see why people like him so much. Seemed a real gent too. RIP
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