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Newport County v Charlton Athletic | EFL Cup | Tuesday 8 August 2023 - 19.30 | Match Preview

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Newport County v Charlton Athletic
Tuesday 8th August 2023 - 19:30 kick off

Scott Simpson - never officiated above National League. In his last game, Simpson sent off Elerewe for Bromley in their play-off game against Chesterfield. More on that later.

A 1-0 home win against the newly promoted League Two champions on the opening day of the season sets us up nicely for the ever growing optimism of what’s to come. A clean sheet was arguably just as important as getting the 3 points, especially after only keeping a clean sheet in our pre-season fixtures against Welling and Wealdstone. Dobson with the winner and the skipper leading the way forward for the season is just what we needed. May looked good up front and nearly opened the scoring but for a fantastic save, and CBT was explosive on the left. Attentions now turn to the first cup competition and Holden has stated a number of times that he wants to install a winning mentality and will be looking for us to progress into round two. In our way are a team who finished 15th in League Two last season, Newport County.

Stadium: Rodney Parade
Manager: Graham Coughlan
Previous result: 3-0 loss away at Accrington Stanley

Admittedly, I know very little about our next opponents except that they have not been above the fourth tier of English football since the late 1980’s when they were relegated into non-league and went out of business where all results were expunged and a reform was needed. A period in time in football where both of our clubs experienced the worst time in our respective history. Oh, and they’re from South Wales.

Newport lost their opening game of the season to Accrington Stanley and were comfortably beaten too, a trend that is being continued from their pre-season results which included an 8-0 loss to Bristol City. Seems as though they’re potentially in a spot of trouble where they’re shipping goals left, right, and centre but they’re also struggling to score goals too.

Charlton Team News
We can except a number of changes to the side who beat Orient at the weekend and one who is going to face Peterborough on Saturday. But I think we are going to be stronger than many believe we will be. Players like Jones and Blackett-Taylor are likely to be rested or on the bench following their substitutions. Players like Isted, Hector, Camara, Edun, and Payne will be looking to get their first starts of the season.

I will be interested to see how many changes there will be and how many of the youngsters will be involved. One player who won’t be involved, to my understanding, is Deji Elerewe following his red card against Chesterfield back in May. Elerewe, due to receiving two red cards in last season’s National League, has a 4 game suspension that he’s carrying over into this season and the game against Newport is game number 2 (if the EFL Cup counts).

This is a great opportunity for some to stake a claim and get some vital minutes into their legs ahead of the all important league campaign.

Ness | Hector | Thomas
Egbo | Camara | Dobson | Payne | Edun 
May | Kirk

Maynard-Brewer, Asiimwe, Mitchell, Anderson, Taylor, Blackett-Taylor, Campbell, Jaiyesimi, Kanu

Newport County 0-2 Charlton Athletic


  • I could imagine Mitchell starting. Kanu will probably play upfront alone (which isn’t a great idea but needs must).
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    daveroan said:
    May won't be risked - he is our only fit striker 

    This. Kanu will have to start and May to sit in the bench in case of need. Kanu basically broke his duck for the season with that goal against Aberdeen - it may have gone in courtesy of an Aberdeen player but it was kanu’s shot that he deflected and they all count no matter how they go in  
  • is this on Charlton TV?
  • Isted
    Mitchell Hector Roddy
    Egbo McGrandles Camara Payne Edun
    Kirk Kanu

    Molyneux, Asiimwe, Ness, Dobson, Anderson, Campbell, May

    All change, he might want us to win the cups but at the same time he'll want to rotate the squad as much as possible early on
  • is this on Charlton TV?
    I dont think so... Sky tend to have the coverage, so as we saw with the Man Utd game... If your game isn't picked by them, no one can watch it without being there
  • is this on Charlton TV?
    I dont think so... Sky tend to have the coverage, so as we saw with the Man Utd game... If your game isn't picked by them, no one can watch it without being there
    Boooo !!
  • Hopefully Deji Elerewe is fit. Would like to see him in from the start if so
  • The kick-off is 19.30.
  • Bugger, forgot this competition is not streamed. DH wants a cup run but I feel a number of changes will be made and should still have enough to get through. Certainly would like to see Taylor get some minutes. 
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    New ground syndrome so around a thousand travelling from London for this one. 

    An interesting city is Newport especially in the centre. Much like Wrexham based on my trips to both places over the last few years 
  • is this on Charlton TV?
    Audio only, so not very interesting, can never get into audio commentary...🥱
  • NabySarr said:
    Hopefully Deji Elerewe is fit. Would like to see him in from the start if so
    Suspended atm
  • Think you could pick the team out of a hat and be closer than some of the predicted line-ups.

    I honestly don’t have a clue outside of Isted, Egbo, McGrandles and Payne most likely getting minutes.
  • New ground so a couple of non regulars joining me on the trip west. Would expect quite a few changes, and hopefully minutes for those that need it like Camara and Edun. 

    Personally I wouldn't have May in the starting line-up. Keep him out of the firing line. I'd have Kanu partnering Campbell up top.

    After our un-Charlton like cup run last season it wouldn't surprise me to crash out straight away this time around. We are playing a team we've not lost to for 94 years though.

    Newport apparently were pretty poor defensively against Accrington. So will be optimistic and go for a 3-1 win. Kanu, Camara & Payne. 
  • Not going myself but good on all who goes 
    Should be a easy win for us Enjoy  B)
  • There is no way we’ll play a team as strong as digested and probably quite rightly so. 
  • I think we'll put out a pretty strong team, as we have players who need the minutes, e.g. Hector, Edun, Camara, plus plenty of squad players to bring in like Isted, Kirk, McGrandles, Payne and Egbo. 

    It's only up top where we may have to rely on kids, maybe the likes of Ladapo or Viggars might get some minutes?
  • what time do we think the highlights will go up on CharltonTV?
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  • I really hope we don’t start any of our first team, I know it’s nice to have a cup run but the only thing that matters this season is getting out of this god forsaken league. Imagine we play May and he gets hacked and out for 3 months, is it really worth the risk?
  • what time do we think the highlights will go up on CharltonTV?
    You assume there will be highlights!
  • Would expect to see players that didn't start Saturday in the main (there's also a Charlton XI at Chatham so that'll be the U18s basically) 

    Wouldn't be risking key players in this - would expect plenty of changes. Maybe Edun gets a start depending on how far off he is , Taylor off the bench? 
  • Rodney Parade has two claims to fame. One is that it's the home of Newport rugby club, who were quite a force in Welsh rugby in the amateur era, and therefore now the home of the Dragons professional franchise. The other is that my late father played rugby on the pitch once, for a village team in the final of some local competition or other. He may well have been the only person in history to have been a fan both of Charlton and of Newport RFC.

    Newport (County, not RFC) had some adventures while they were on the way back up after they went bust. The FAW initially wouldn't let them register with an English league as they wanted everyone except Cardiff, Swansea and Wrexham to be playing in the Welsh leagues. So Newport had to register with the FA and share a ground in Gloucestershire for a bit until the FAW backed down. Nowadays they're a great advert for the FA's policy of allowing clubs which go bust to re-form 5 steps or so below the league. 

    Very much looking forward to this one.

    Think I am right in saying that they played at Moreton Rangers when they played in England, this is a tiny ground in Moreton in marsh where I live now, they are a very amateur team!
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    Is it 9 subs in the league cup or have I made that up?

    I would actually like to see us play a stronger team than most, although I get the fear with May.  Kill the game off inside an hour and get them all off, is my philosophy for this one.

    I would change the keepers over, Hector in for Jones, Camara in for Anderson, swap wing backs over and Payne for Fraser.

    I know that's 6 changes but 3 of them are fitness related and two are about "getting minutes" into people.  

    It's nice to be able to make that number of changes and not be significantly weaker, but I am not sure if that's because we have great strength in depth or we are under cooked with some obvious gaps that still need filling.
  • Making the short trip across the Severn from Bristol with my 5 year old for this one. 

    Rain due down this way tomorrow but should be all clear by the afternoon for those of us in the open stand. 
  • daveroan said:
    May won't be risked - he is our only fit striker also McGrandles in place of |Dobson perhaps?

    Totally agree. And I write as one who wants us to take the cups seriously.

    Would be mad to play May when he is our only fit striker atm. What a mess we would be in if he gets injured.

    And definitely McGrandles for Dobson.
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    Most important aspect of this game is minutes for Hector, Camara, Jones, Taylor and Edun. 
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