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Tv help

Hi all
tried google and wasn’t really getting a simple answer so coming here.
Short version moving house, thankfully not selling to the Patel’s.
have a large flat screen tv quite old, no make think a Japanese brand. Worked fine with Sky but now have cancelled sky and returned box it’s not working. Tried to auto tune channels etc but no joy.
Have main tv lead in plug and tv and an aerial lead plugged in too. Do I also need another lead, hdmi, Ethernet or other to get this working without a box.


  • Might be an old analog tv. Tv channels are now only broadcasted using digital channels, you might need to buy a Freeview box.

    You should just need Ariel plugged in along with tv connected to plug socket for tv to work if digital tv. 
  • Could it be you still have the TV input set to say HDMI 1 where the sky box plugged was plugged in and you have to change the input to the aerial? 
  • Assuming you've got broadband, a streaming box (like Roku Express) is fairly cheap, around £30 I think. You can watch iPlayer / ITV Player / Netflix (if you have an account) etc. and just plug it in to the TV via HDMI cable.
  • Who are the Patels?
  • Who are the Patels?
    A previous thread on a house move where the buyers -The Patels - were mucking around the Lifer who was selling. Thread was comedy gold 
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