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Travel to the North.

I am old enough to remember and have travelled through the Blackwall tunnel when it was only the single late Victorian one, when the traffic was blinking two way. I think there was also a footway through it then too. 
It is a nightmare now when everything is one way, the most awkward tunnel ever and it used to be both directions for goodness sake. You hit the place via a little slip road just before the entrance.
The new second tunnel opened in 1967 I believe.
If the news is true, then travelling north via the Ferry and the Rotherhithe (both also old friends) is going to increase a lot.
There used to be a Lewis coaches office in East Greenwich with a beautiful elaborately scripted board outside with a colourful chalk sign advertising travel to our away matches (and also for Arsenal matches) and I am sure you would travel away in a little rickety uncomfortable old coach which began it’s journey through the two way Blackwall.


  • I hadn't appreciated until yesterday they are bringing in charges for the Blackwall Tunnel. Doesn't affect me and Shrek but must affect lots on CL
  • Yeah it's a complete joke, build the Silvertown Tunnel way too close so it isn't actually helping anything, as the A2 will be just as busy as ever, they claim it will stop the congestion but for all the talk of ULEZ and everything surely air quality will take a massive hit if you're doubling the capacity in the area? 

    And then slap a charge on it too, so all it means is my wife, who travels up to Essex every weekend will probably spend an extra 20-30 mins traipsing across to the Rotherhithe just to avoid the toll, creating more traffic there. 

    What London desperately needs is the North and South Circular to be joined by a tunnel, not a ferry, alongside another crossing further down, somewhere between Belvedere and Dagenham roughly, but we'll never get it

  • They should have built a bridge from Thamesmead to Gallions Reach, land at the roundabout south of the river never been built on, leaving a corridor for a bridge to be built.
  • Just out of interest how much are the black wall tunnel crossing costs, and when do they start, or is it just a proposal?
  • Just out of interest how much are the black wall tunnel crossing costs, and when do they start, or is it just a proposal?
    It's a proposal in the same way the expanded ULEZ was a proposal, it's coming, and probably once the open the Silvertown Tunnel. 

    They haven't said how much but imagine it'll be the same as Dartford
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    Many years ago i worked for a transport firm in Horn Lane as a HGV Mechanic, i got called to BWT to deal with an overheight  where a trailer with a container on had whacked the North bound gate house so hard the trailer had ripped the coupling clean off the unit.
     Along with LFB, and Met Traffic we spent the best part of 3-4hrs getting the trailer reconnected and reversed out. (This was long before the escape road to the left and the overheight and divert system now installed).
    We made the Evening News, both paper and TV.  The driver who was shaken up ended up being off for the week. 
    However he returns to work on  the following Monday, only to go around towards Catford and yes you guess it gave the railbridge at Baring Rd a whack, so hard the rail lines where mis-aligned  by 2 inches!.
    The driver ended up washing dishes in the Cafe in Victoria Deepwater Terminal.

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