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RIP Steve Harwell

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Another rocker dies too young. Steve Harwell was the lead singer of Smashmouth, who had a number of hits including their association with the movie Shrek.
56 years old is much too young.
RIP Steve - All star in the sky!


  • Liked their first album. RIP
  • A week ago I wouldn't have known the name & even the group would have a drawn a blank. But then an ad on Youtube led me to hum the tune to Allstar and asked the kids if they knew the song. The did (because of Shrek) and that then led me to google it and realised they also did Walking on the Sun. Epic songs.

    He was my age too. RIP
  • All star is one of the defining songs of my childhood.

    drank himself to death after the death of his 6 month old son. I can’t imagine how painful that must be. RIP
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