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Charlton Athletic v Exeter City | Tuesday 3rd October 2023 | Match Preview, News & Views



  • There's a bit of positivity and expectation for once going into a home game, so expect a loss. It will be a tough game Exeter have had a good start to the season
  • Close game but one we will come through with a win - 2-1 (do not care who scores as long as we win and start building some momentum).
  • Full comms on BBC Radio London on digital and via Freeview channel 721 (not on FM or online) with Paul Mortimer as the summariser 
  • I have a funny feeling Asiimwe may start at right back tomorrow as there must be doubt whether Watson can play 3 games in a week at the moment.
    Players too soft nowadays - I once played rugby on Saturday afternoon in Haywards Heath, couple of pints, train into London and played evening football match, more beers, curry then Sunday morning football in Bromley .... I was obviously an athlete or an idiot.  
  • The sort of game that all non-Charlton fans will be putting down as a certain home win for their acca. We know better!

    Sod it. 4-0.
  • Exter have lost 3 of their last 4 league matches. The game they did win in that stretch was 1-0 at home to Cheltenham - the worst team in the league.

    Exeter 1-2 Orient
    Exeter 1-0 Cheltenham
    Oxford 3-0 Exeter
    Exeter 0-2 Northampton

    This has to be a home win.
    Interesting moment for Appleton. Shrewsbury had similar, albeit worse form. 
    We should’ve beaten Shrewsbury on Saturday. On form and with home advantage, we should beat Exeter tonight.
    Appleton was clearly pissed off with the first half last time out so will be interesting to see if he gets a reaction. 

  • Louis Watson got to start. The first player I’ve seen in a Charlton shirt for a while that actually tries to pass the ball forward and move at pace from a central position for a while. 
    Yes, something of Gallagher about him.
  • Sage said:
    cazo said:
    Is the wolves player Campbell injured or out of favour 
    Seems out of favour since Appleton came in. Was taken off against Stevenage, didn't come on against Wycombe, and didn't make the squad against Shrewsbury. Would like to see him back as think he adds something different, and takes a bit of pressure off Blackett-Taylor, but he might not be doing enough in training (competitively) to get in the squad, who knows?
    He didn't impress against Stevenage. I suppose Appleton needs him to show him what he can do.
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  • Another 3-1.
  • hate night game such as this - everyone expects a rollover and we're more than likely to come unstuck.

    small crowd etc...think we'll sneak it though (just) 2-1
  • Does everyone expect a rollover?!
  • JaShea99 said:
    Does everyone expect a rollover?!
    I expect us to cock it up!  Unfortunately the evidence is damning my dear Watson.
  • 2-0 home win.
  • Think Exeter look better away than at home. They lost 3-0 at Oxford but had alot of the ball and more shots but Oxford are just much more clinical. 

    Could be a difficult game but going for a 1-0 win. Alfie May to score.
  • Thanks for a top notch preview. 
    I’m feeling positive about this game. 
    3-0, May early on, and finish with 2 late Chucks specials. 
  • Draw at best. League position doesn't lie.
  • Another tough one but one we should win going for a good 2-1 win 
    To the mighty CAFC COYR  B)

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  • Charlton have won their last 5 games against Exeter, home and away in all competitions 
  • Another injury from Saturday has appeared..
  • Another injury from Saturday has appeared..
    You can't just say that and leave it there! 
  • shirty5 said:
    Charlton have won their last 5 games against Exeter, home and away in all competitions 
    Ah that's not good then, they'll be due a win 
  • Wondering what the ideal 'opposition form' is. Losing several on the spin is disaster as they'll definitely turn that around. Winning several on the spin is terrible as they'll continue that. Probably the best is lots of draws, but not too many as they'll be looking for a reaction. You want them to be quite weak, but with a recent win, except not in the last game. So I'd say that careful science has revealed the ideal opposition form to be LWD (most recent first) 
  • Exeter are inconsistent, they neither score nor concede many .. they are tailor made for us a t m .. home win
  • edited October 2023
    Exeter are inconsistent, they neither score nor concede many .. they are tailor made for us a t m .. home win
    .Mmm... rather like Shrewsbury then...🤔
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