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Post-match Thread: Charlton Athletic vs Blackpool: Saturday 7th October 2023 | KO 3:00 PM

Scoring two lovely goals in quick succession, Charlton leave it late to come back from a two goal deficit to rescue a point and continue their unbeaten league run.

In the early stages, Charlton looked good as they played it around patiently looking for openings, but with little actual attacking threat. Blackpool scored first on the counter, against the run of play. Poor defending left Blackpool enough space in the box to thread together numerous passes and finish past keeper Ashley Maynard-Brewer. 

Early in the second half the Addicks were on top again, that is, until Blackpool scored again through an individual error from Michael Hector after George Dobson put him under pressure and he was caught on the ball. Although it looked unlikely, Michael Appleton made changes and Charlton found themselves hunting their first goal. Substitute Chuks Aneke powered away on the break and found a chasing Alfie May with a lovely ball lifted over the defender and on to May for the finish. Not long after, the attacking Addicks broke through again, finding Corey Blackett-Taylor coming in from the left and superbly blasting the ball into the back of the net from the corner of the eighteen yard box. The Addicks had a couple more chances and all the momentum, and there was the sense that all three points were there, but the winner proved elusive.

Charlton 2 Blackpool 2

Over to you.



  • Hard to know how to feel. Chuks is unreal. Shame his finishing wasn’t a bit more composed. 
  • Crap for an hour. Good for 10 minutes. Give a goal away. Good for last 25.

    Not good enough for promotion with this defensive lineup. Best bet is we bump our way to January still in the top half then bring in some good reliable defenders and sneak in the playoffs 
  • If we get to January anywhere near the top 6 all we need a couple of solid defenders who don't enjoy giving the ball away then we might have a real chance of the top 6, the fear is of course Oxford and Pompey will be up and away 
  • A lot feels similar to last season, in that you know we have goals in us, but so many times when we concede it seems like it’s a product of our own mistakes.

    However something that does feel a little different this time around is that we have a little more strength and depth, and thus more fight when we are chasing games.

    Appleton has mentioned our defensive frailties plenty of times already and how our profile of player lends to it being our weakness. If we can really work on it then I really do feel like we can push top 6 this year. 
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  • Addick_8 said:
    Appletons in game management has been flawless so far. The subs and their timing have been spot on.
    His game management is starting to look poor. He could have sorted out the problem during the first half, the same issue as the other night was happening again and we had no width and were making it easy to defend against.
  • edited October 7
    Uboat said:
    Hard to know how to feel. Chuks is unreal. Shame his finishing wasn’t a bit more composed. 
    Looks desperate to score. Hopefully when he gets that first one he’ll settle down.
    It’s coming..
  • Such a shame our defence is so poor as I think we'd have a genuine shot at the play offs if they were half decent. Was an obvious mistake having no recognised left back cover, centre backs clearly aren't up to it and I'm unconvinced by T Watson so far. Going forward we've got more than enough. 
  • Tactics going foward should be quite easy keep it 0-0 for 70 minutes then bring on Chuks.  

    You would average more than 2 points a game doing that.
  • Draw was fair. We were no worse than Tuesday and at times were better but Blackpool set up very well for an away win. I thought Hector was having his best game of the season before that mistake, so frustrating. The less said about Thomas and Watson the better though. Defence will cost us too many points this season.

    Without Aneke we get nothing today so seeing him go straight down the tunnel and holding something beforehand is extremely worrying. 
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  • Happy to retrieve a point, and good character shown, but a frustrating performance and a perfect example of how the defence is holding us back. 

    Blackpool came to frustrate and did so. We did struggle a bit to break them down but fair enough they defended well and that will happen sometimes. 

    But Blackpool didn’t create much either. If you keep it tight and 0-0 then you would say we’ve been patient, worn them down, and then looked to have the momentum to go on and win it with the subs. 

    Instead, we’ve given away two soft goals, one of them inexcusable, and then we’re chasing the game. Fortunately our attack has rescued it for us, but they should have been winning us 3 points, not rescuing 1. 

    It is a huge positive, though, that we seem to have moved past the old problem of always losing if we concede first.

    We still look like a mid table side but at least now we look like one that could become a promotion contender. 

  • That was a poor performance but nearly all players and the coach who gotten ser up wrong.
    But at least they show fightwright to the last Whistle these days.
  • Have to say I think those two goals have masked a major problem with intensity and desire.
    A home game on the run we’re on and we should be bossing the game. Bullying opponents. 
    We’re way too powderpuff. 
    Well played Chuks, May and CBT for dragging us back into it. 
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