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Another old rock music question: Julie Driscoll

Definitely one for fellow pensioners but I’m sure a lot of you remember Julie Driscoll. If you are anything like me she was living rent free in your wet dreams round about 1969🤣

So (according to my Czech DJ buddy) she was the first one to release a cover of “Season of the Witch” with the Brian Auger Trinity, although it was written by Donovan. Great version it is too. But here’s the thing. She starred in a BBC drama which I’m pretty sure took  the song name as the title. Certainly played, over the closing credits.  But I can’t find any mention of this in any bios of her, even though some describe her as “singer and actress”. I’d love to track it down. One link suggests it might have been part of the BBC Wednesday Play series. That fits; it was a “naive young woman leaves home and discovers life” storyline. Does it ring a bell with anyone?


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