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MATCH THREAD : Lincoln City Vs Charlton Athletic : Tuesday 24th October 2023 : KO 7:45pm



  • Bromley 1-0 Elerewe
  • Tupac 😬
  • We’re being a bit sloppy here and a few mistakes creeping in… hopefully just a phase here and we shake this off.

  • Good save from AMB other end, corner half cleared and Sorensen drills towards goal. Diving stop.
  • Erk, TC tries to cut the ball back to a team mate, but messes it up and a Lincoln player collects. Fortunately nothing comes of it.
  • Watching on the Lincoln iFollow.
    Their commentators are very impressed by us - they’re purring over our movement.
  • Barnsley 1-0
  • Lincoln passing it about across their defence. Send it forward, and the ball across find Asiimwe stuck between two players. Luckily he's able to head it out for a throw.
  • Mid ships!!
  • They're going to score if we let them have time on the ball.
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  • edited October 2023
    Blackburn 1-1 Mistake by home goalkeeper ha ha ha
  • Omg, that was in 
  • Sorry and down to 8th 
  • Throw comes in, the attempted head away reaches a Lincoln player on the edge of the area, his shot hits his teammate in an unfortunate place on the edge of the 6 yard box, and the lino flags offside.
  • Who's Elerewe?
  • ross1 said:
    Bromley 1-0 Elerewe
    We ignoring the goal Bromley had already conceded?

  • Sorensen again with a shot on the second ball from a set piece - this one has absolutely pummelled his own man Roughan in the midriff. Was going in but instead of a goal Lincoln have a severely winded man.
  • We send the ball long to CBT down the left, cut back to Dobbo, over to the right to TC, tries to get the ball to Leaburn, it's under his feet slightly, so the shot goes straight into the keeper's arms.
  • We look excellent, ripping them apart with great football, already spurned several excellent positions 

  • Another moment as Charlton work it to Leaburn - straight at the keeper Jensen though
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    What a crossfield ball from Jones to CBT, led to a snapshot from Leaburn, straight at the keeper but we are really showing some good touches here...

  • Whatever the issue has been with slow first 45s has been blown away by this attacking showing btw - really going forward with intent
  • Jones punts the ball forward towards May at the right height for Leaburn.
  • Barnsley 2-0
  • Lincoln player down clutching his face after a tangle with Leaburn. Free kick but Miles doesn't appear to have been booked though.
  • Down the other end Lincoln have a corner from our right.
  • Taken short, but we manage to force them all the way back to their keeper.
    1. 26'

      Post update

      Corner, Lincoln City. Conceded by Nathan Asiimwe.

  • Oh Lincoln's Mitchell is another one from Zach's family then :)
  • He didn't touch him.

    10 seconds later it was "clearly" a hand across the throat.

    You don't have to talk non stop for 90 minutes lads!
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