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Technical advice re WiFi router security please

So my iPad is telling me my WiFi router security is weak & needs changing.
Fine, so I’ve looked up how to do that but it brings me to ask this question.
My mobile which is an android is showing me that the router is already connected to one of the two options shown to change it to.
So, why is apple telling me it’s weak?

Help anyone?


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    It's a new feature on iOS 14 that points out WiFi security. Nothing will stop working but there might be some things that can be improved on the router itself. The main thing would be changing the authentication to WPA3 Personal I would imagine if that's not already set (Recommended settings for Wi-Fi routers and access points - Apple Support
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    Cheers Jacob.
    It’s suggesting WAP2 (AES) or WPA3.
    My android is telling me the router security is WPA2 already, so I’m a tad confused.

    I have tried to login to my router’s admin but the generic login/password isn’t being recognised & I don’t fancy resetting it to factory settings.

    I’ve left a message with my WiFi provider (local company, very good) in the meantime I was just wondering if anyone else could add anything.
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    Have you tried turning it off and on?
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    Had strange one this morning.  Mobile would not connect to home network.  

    Tried switching mobile on and off but no result.  

    PC and laptop no problem in connecting.  

    Turned the router off and on and mobile then connected! 

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    Dishwasher showing error code, just adopted similar approach.
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    GR0TW said:
    Dishwasher showing error code, just adopted similar approach.
    When I turn on my dishwasher, the washing never gets done and I end up in bed having a smoke.
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    edited December 2023
    To be honest, I’ve ignored the ‘weak security’ notice on my iPad for weeks but last night when I was watching Friends on my tv (connected to same router) & it kept crashing.
    Thats what made me try & sort it out.

    Had a chat with my broadband provider & they confirmed what my android was telling me, that the router is already on WAP2.
    So I’m going to carry on ignoring it.

    Apple eh 🤷‍♀️
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    R0TW said:
    Have you tried turning it off and on?
    If only I could.

    Do you have an off switch??
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    Ha ha. Afraid not, but good luck 🤞 
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