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  • It was nowhere near a penalty. By the time the ball was cleared the player didnt have a hand on Dobson (who went down very easily imo). 
    Appleton is really clutching at straws here. 
    a penalty (if scored) would've been the lipstick on a pig of an Appleton afternoon
  • Not a pen for me neither, a player of Dobson’s stature shouldn’t be going down after a little tug like that either. Glad to see it’s not really been used as an excuse on the post match thread.
  • It wasn’t a blatant penalty, bizarre approach from Appleton with that one. On first look, I thought it might be, as soon as you see the replay, it’s clearly not. 

    Appleton would have made more sense saying we weren’t ruthless on the continuous fouls and other game plans (kicking balls away, moving free kick and foam) from Leyton players was something we allowed, and didn’t seem to be pushing the ref to make better decisions on. 
  • Penalty or not, if you are expecting the sub-standard refs that officiate at this level to A, Get it right,B be "swayed" by a bunch of players surrounding the ref. You are deluded, if not stark raving mad.

  • Any shirt pull in the penalty area is a penalty isn’t it? I might be wrong, but that was as clear as day a penalty for me. 
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    Yes, I don't think you can decide how hard the pull was. If it was clearly seen, and it should have been, it is a pen. Mind you, we would probably have missed the pen and become even more pissed off if that is possible! I thought the ref was poor for both sides and the lack of quality of the refs at this level is becoming tiresome. Mind you our players are showing a similar lack of quality
  • It’s pointless moaning about the referees that end up managing our games 
    Most have never played the game to any level can’t keep up with play and just guess.
    All the time they are part time and trained by the county FAs standards will be what they are, SHITE
  • I thought it was a penalty (albeit a bit of a soft one) but even had it been given, and converted, we were abject that day and a draw would bave been a big reward for the performance we turned in. Appleton would do better to worry about how badly we defended, how poor the decision making was and how little we greated for the last 70 minutes of the match!
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    Oh n MA ya got booed not just because we lost (we are used to that) it was the way you set us up & did naff all too change it & the way it seems you have lost the dressing room,ok we ain’t very good at mo,but the majority of that falls on you MA…stop blaming all n sundry & hold ya hand up & say you are getting it so wrong…do that or just do one…trust me,we hurt more than you,no honestly Michael we do…
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