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David Soul RIP

Just read that David Soul passed away yesterday, he was 80.

Was a big Starsky & Hutch fan and have always wanted a Ford Gran Torino in the red and white colour scheme.


  • OMG that’s such a shock to me. I absolutely idolised him years ago when he was in Starsky and Hutch - posters on my wall etc. 
    RIP x
  • decent actor who also had a few top 10 hits as a singer .. R I P
  • RIP Hutch
  • RIP. 
    Loved S&H as a kid. 

    Shat myself watching him in Salem’s Lot n’all. 
  • Ah that's sad. I really enjoyed Starsky & Hutch.
    RIP David x
  • Starsky & Hutch was Saturday night when I was a kid, unmissable show. He appeared in a quite a few good British shows after he moved here, too.

    RIP David.   
  • RIP loved Starsky & Hutch. A Saturday night staple like Kojak and Cannon. Loved all those.
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  • RIP.  Straight back to the seventies. Huggy Bear...

    "Don't give up on us baby"

  • RIP Hutch.
  • Loved S&H growing up in the 70;s - the opening theme tune & action sequence with them jumping onto the roof of the car was, as they say nowdays.............epic.

    Also quite liked his songs...........don't give up on us baby !

  • S&H was an iconic show, essential viewing in the 70's.

  • Pedro45 said:
    My Starsky and Hutch story - 

    In about 1975, I worked on the 24th floor of a London tower block. One morning, I looked down out of the window, and in a small car park below, I could see a film crew working. Two actors/guys would jump out of a car, chase two other guys, have a barny and then do it over again while being filmed. The thing that stood out was that one of the cars was bright red with a white stripe - Starsky and Hutch colours! We told a couple of the girls who worked in the next office, and after looking down at the filming themselves, they were convinced it was the real thing, and S&H were doing a London-based episode. They got all excited and went down for a closer look and to maybe get autographs, etc. They came back half an hour later, very happy, but sadly it wasn't Soul and Glaser doing the filming, it was for a Morecambe and Wise Christmas special! And they didn't bother with autographs either!

    RIP David Soul.
    A throw-back to your 1975 self... 
  • I loved S&H so much I painted every toy car I had the same (I had more toy cars than dolls, blame KB).
    I seriously thought about respraying my 2CV & getting the roof to match. Instead I just got the St George Cross roof on my red & white Dolly.
    RIP David, you were seriously loved ♥️
  • A staple of my saturday nights as a kid....Starsky and Hutch....RIP David
  • Also appeared in one of the  Dirty Harry movies as a rookie motorcycle cop.

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    RIP David
  • RIP. A 70s icon with the show and his successful music career
  • Very sad - always remember him popping up in Dirty Harry, but don't remember him in Salem's Lot! Loved S&H big time.

    RIP David Soul.

  • I have Don’t Give On Us on 7”, it may be the first record I ever bought. I played it a lot in the late 70s and still think it’s good song.

    I also have the his Album, Playing To An Audience of One. I’m pretty sure I saw him in concert in the early 80s but my mind may be playing tricks on me.

    Loved Starsky and Hutch

    Sad News

    RIP David
  • Silver Lady is my Karaoke song of choice.

    He lived over here for some time, and was often featured in Classic Car magazines.
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    Hal1x said:
    Silver Lady is my Karaoke song of choice.

    He lived over here for some time, and was often featured in Classic Car magazines.
    Yeah, he was involved in restoring Ernest Hemmingway’s old Chrysler in Cuba. As he was a UK resident, he could order parts from the US then ship them out to Cuba.

    He was supposed to make an appearance at the NEC classic car show a few years ago and I had stuff ready for him to sign but he cancelled at the last minute.
  • Hal1x said:
    Silver Lady is my Karaoke song of choice.

    He lived over here for some time, and was often featured in Classic Car magazines.
    became a British Citizen (subject?) in 2004
  • RIP
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